Concrete Sink





Introduction: Concrete Sink

This is my latest work, bathroom makeover. It is a wide sink (60cm x 40cm) with lots of space underneath.
The total cost is under 70 euros

Step 1: Clean Area First

First i removed the old furniture and sink and then cleaned all the area from any residue (glue, dust, etc)
Once area was cleaned i did all measurements and calculations for all the ingredients and tools that i would need. 

Step 2: Ytong and Glue

I started the construction with ytong blocks. In order for them to stand and tick together i used ytong adhesive. The blocks i used are 60x25x5 at the base and some for the vetical panels, 60x25x7.5 at each side and 60x25x15 on the top.

Step 3:

this is a fortified with cement area for the faucet

Step 4:

The entire surface has 2cm concrete fortified with iron net. In the sink i left a hole for the drain.
It takes more or less one day to get completely dry.

Step 5:

When the concrete was dry i smoothed all the surfaces and insisted on the edges

Step 6: Cover All Surface With White Concrete

I used white concrete mixed with resin for more strength and tolerance to cover the entire constuction. It dries fast, and once dry again i smoothed it all.

Step 7: Resin Concrete

I removed all dust very well, insisted on the details and i used matte sealer for water protection.



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    I am in the process of building a green home and concrete for my counters was my first choice. However, after getting quotes for around 5k, when granite would only cost me 2-3k, i decided to do it myself. This method of using concrete stones as a base intrigues me. How has it stood up to time? any cracking or anything you would change if you have to redo it?

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your instructable worked very well for us this far. We won't custom make the sink, though, but put a tone/terrazzo sink on top, though. Bit easier, thus...

    1 year after the construction, is it still holding up ? Any damage on the white cement ? Any need for a second hand of matte sealer ?

    Hi, very nice work. I'd like to try something like this.
    for the last step you did mix white concrete with epoxy resin right?
    could you please explain this part in detail? (which percentages, how much time does it take to harden...) I am a newby with concrete and resin...

    Thank you !!

    3 replies

    thank u,

    as for the last step i did not use epoxy resin but only a common resin. 2 parts cement, 1 part sand, as for the mixture i always add the liquids as much as necessary without counting, but in general its 1/5 resin and 4/5 water.

    It seems that Ytong is not easily available in the USA but that shouldn't prevent building something similar since it's the 2cm of concrete that is the working surface.

    I too am curious about the resin in the concrete. In the USA we don't have this. It could be that we have the same kind of thing but with a different name. For instance acrylic is often added to concrete here. Would that be the same thing?

    My big question is how do you make the concrete waterproof? I know that the romans used volcanic ash to make concrete watertight. I know that concrete pools use something to make them watertight but I don't know what that would be. I've heard of using fly ash in concrete but I don't know if that makes it watertight. I saw that you put a coating on the sink at the end, is that your method of waterproofing?

    Use something like latex or acrylic as a binder. There are some great -ibles for making concrete roof. There is also a great research paper from Auckland University that explored the use of waste latex for binder in concrete construction. This is worth taking a look.

    It would be really helpful if you could give the steps in detail along with proportions of materials in the mix. Steps like how you smooth out the concrete after it is dried or how you fortified it with iron net. Some of us are new to working with concrete and would really appreciate it.

    i always vote for beard.

    really great project. love the concrete. what do you use to get it smooth and not that "chalky" feel?

    Can you estimate what it weighs, I have a somewhat old house (for the US) and do not know if the joists can take the load.

    Awesome work!!

    very cool! awesome work!

    Love this project. Bonus: TIL to always insist on edges :)

    Our local "Watering Hole" did the same thing with their floor and bar top in black for the floor,and black with pearl for the bartop a couple years ago and it's held up great with heavy daily use.

    Let us know in a year, or so, how it is holding up.

    Any way to make it glossy smooth?