Connect to Every Wifi





Introduction: Connect to Every Wifi

how to connect to any WiFi with wpa2 password.



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    hi password list cracking is no longer practical for wpa2 passwords. have you used reaver pro? it is much better to try and crack the wps, though depending on the numbers it can still take 12 hours to crack. make a tutorial showing reaver in action. dont get me wrong you have shown some skill in your videos but people may find a video showing how easy it is to crack the wps pin more relevant.

    first I wanted to make it all about reaver but I have found out that it doesn't work on some work secure wifi's (non enabled wps)
    because you requested i will make a reaver tutorial soon, so if you subscribe you can see it as soon it comes out.
    with this method you can go near the building capture the hash then start working in nvidia and use some huge graphic server to crack it. (sure it's not useful for people like us who have a home computer but)

    That's kind of joke? It uses dictionary method, so you have to have password in your dictionary file... You've prepared one with your password, so that's why it worked. But in REAL life there's almost no chance that network password can be found in dictionary file. But when it's in dictionary, the dict must be huge.
    And when your password can be found in such dictionaries, you've got noobish password...

    of curse it will take to much time and IF the password is in your list, kali linux comes with several password lists that have default password of cisco and linksys and more.(mine was fast because i only put the password so i can do the tutorial)
    if you subscribe (If my subscriber get to a level) I will show you how to make a word list
    or crack it with the "a ab ac ad ..." with out fulling your hard drive

    Without subtitles, you lose many readers. I am not anglophone, but can read and understand English. When I hear it, don't understand practically anything.

    It won't open to the video. It crashed every time

    What's the Play link site? Got an crash while clicking it.