Contact Lens Solution DIY





Introduction: Contact Lens Solution DIY

I was sleeping over at a friend of mine, but I forgot to take my contact lens solution. I looked on Google if i could find how to make DIY contact lens solution, and luckily i did. So here it is!

Step 1: What Do You Need???

- a cup with boiled water
- a little bit of salt
- something to put your contact's in (can also be two little cup's)

Step 2: Put the Salt Into the Water

Put the salt into the water

Step 3: Put the Salty Water Into the Lensholder

Put the salty water into the lensholder (this is so easy it almost feels silly to post ;)
And let it cool down.

Step 4: Put Your Contact's In!!!

Put your contact's in the cup's!

Step 5: Warning

It works verry good for one nigt. but do not use this every day!!!! Than your contact's could get to dry.



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    From a post on Quora



    Janet Kim, Ophthalmologist

    Answered Jun 2, 2011Upvoted by Mitul Mehta, Vitreoretinal (eye) surgeon

    contact lens solution and saline are really the only (non-tear) fluids
    that your contacts should come in contact with. They should be
    disinfected in solution regularly-- you can't substitute saline for

    Never use water or homemade saline to store or soak contact
    lenses. There is a rare but devastating infection by Acanthamoeba that
    can occur if you use water, even if distilled. There was an outbreak of
    Acanthamoeba and fungal eye infections in the 80's linked to homemade
    saline use.

    Acanthamoeba is a protozoa present in soil and
    water, including municipal water sources. It's hardy in its cyst form
    and it can withstand high temperatures. Once it takes up residence in
    the cornea it's resistant to standard treatments and difficult to treat.
    One of the few substances that works against Acanthamoeba is
    polyhexamethylene biguanide, which is swimming pool cleaner. In
    intractable cases cornea transplant may be necessary.

    these infections are rare. But they are really horrible when they
    occur. Contacts should not be worn during showering and swimming.

    commonly, corneal infections are bacterial. The most common bacteria
    causing infection in contact lens wearers is Pseudomonas aeruginosa,
    which is also water-borne.These are also serious and can lead to
    permanent loss of vision. Being a contact lens wearer already places you
    at higher risk for having corneal infections. Strict hygiene is


    What you're asking is this: ' How to make Normal Saline' , or in otherwords,, how to make salt water with the right amount of salt in it so that it's about the same is the salt in your own body .. ie, 0.9% salt.

    Here, this article is very clear and yields a solution that is 'close enough' to be used for most any appropriate purpose: IF using it to make 'slime' , then the boiling isnt all that important ... BUT if using it to store/clean contact lenses or any other purpose that involves any one's 'body' (like cleaning a wound,e.g., then the boiling part is very important, for it's necessary that the saline be STERILE. 'Slime' has no idea what 'sterile' is, so no need for boiling.. DON'T make huge quantities, for bacteria can grow in saline! .. Keep with the 'one cup water + 1/2 level teaspoon (about 2.4 grams of kitchen salt.... you can always make more later...! Use a measuring cup, to get your 1-cup of water ( that's about 250 cc ).

    I tried this method and the water boiled dry in about 10 minutes. I'll try again with less heat on the stove top and maybe less time.

    Will this work in SLIME?

    Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good for someone with bad eyes

    can you use the egg holder to replace the lens holder?

    if you add any salt as long as its a fine grained salt with hydrogen paroxide and shake well you can use it every day as a solution my eye doctor recomended it because my whole family uses contact lenses and its too expensive to buy everyone in the house a bottle of solution so thats also a good way too