Introduction: Continue a Failed 3d Print

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This is how i resume my prints that don't make it all the way. this instructable only works if :
A: the print has failed cleanly meaning still stuck on print bed and no spaghetti monster.
B: your printer has not skipped steps*
C: you have the g-code (you don't want to re-slice.

* you can fix skipped steps in x and y if you don't have autobed leveling. and you can fix z if you home up (some mendel 90 and Delta printers)

Step 1: Stay Clear!

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move your nozzle clear of the print. get it some z height to to make sure you not ramming your print of the bed.
remove any blobs that may mess up your print at resume.

Step 2: Fix You Extruder

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if your extruder is clogged fix it now. keep a piece of paper under to protect you print. Note: move your axels before working on the extruder this will engage the motors holding it in place. yes it is possible to re home your x and y but if you can restart without loosing steps why not?

Step 3: Find Z Height

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carefully find the height your print failed at. Do this the same way you level your bed= feeling it, I use a paper. try to find a good flat spot to do this on. Note that the layer may not be completed, measure the highest layer.

use a M114 and note down your z. mine is 122.10

Step 4: Fix G Code

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find the g code you where printing (you dont want to re-slice). make a copy and open in a text editor.
use crl+f to find the layer your print failed on (crl+f= z122).
in step 3 i found my z to be 122.1 in my g code one layer had z 121.9 and the next one 122.4
you want to delete all text before the row that say "NEW LAYER" follow by (in my case) 122.4

then save your file.

Step 5: Upload G Code

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upload your new file and start heating up your printer!

Step 6: Prime Your Extruder

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prime it. but remember to do a M92 E0 after or your extruder will retract at print start. If you need to zero your x and y now.

Step 7: Hit Print!

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Do a little dance and hit print!

Step 8: Enjoy

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If all went well your print will make it this time.
Now post a picture of your failed and resumed print in the comments :)

Step 9:


QJ Neo (author)2017-09-20

This really help a lot! But I found there is hard to delete many g-code lines in a short time.

Here's my way to delete a lot of line:
-copy entire g-code to Microsoft Word

-find the layer you want and select the line above it

-zoom out the page by maximum

-you can now select all lines above it in a short time

-paste back into the notepad

terryb58 (author)2017-08-29

After 3 failed prints my 4th one failed 80 percent into the print. You saved me a lot of time and filament! Thank you!

CannonBallPro made it! (author)2017-03-03

Thank You (╹◡╹) really you saving lives lol Thank You (╹◡╹)

nakcam (author)CannonBallPro2017-05-18

Glad that this is helping you!

9Harry99 (author)2016-12-18

Thank you man, very helpful !

litejk01 (author)2016-10-13

This saved Many hours of print + filament!!

RickG5 (author)2016-09-05

Love you.

KevinK192 (author)2016-08-11

A lot easier than I thought! worked like a charm. used text edit and saved .gcode and uploaded with repetier host!

thank you so much!

JeffreyJ24 (author)2016-04-27

There is a tool for modifying the gcode to do this if you are comfortable with command line utilities

Minus1x (author)2016-02-24

Thanks for the tips. Saved my print last night. Just to add: I had to add a g92 Z30.150 (z hight for my next layer) to the start of the modified gcode. Smoothieware was trying to zero all axis before the print.

CJ21 (author)2015-04-11

What 3d printer is that

nakcam (author)CJ212015-04-12

Its a mendel90.

jduanewelch (author)2015-03-10

Thank you for the detailed walk through. I must say I have successfully pulled this off though testing and was still missing some steps. having the steps writen out in a clear mannor will defenatly lead to sucess more often then not...Good work!

nakcam (author)jduanewelch2015-03-11


OliverS4 (author)2015-02-24

Your article encouraged be to try and save an aborted print. I woke up to the printer stuck, hotend still on, not really knowing hat had happened. I worked through the G-code, fixed everything, got the right layer, resumed and it stopped again in the same position. Turned out the G-Code file was corrupted at that point- so I recovered the original one, cut out the previous layers again and restarted the job. It's looking really promising so far - other than a little too much material in 3 of 8 parts in the effected layer.

amberrayh (author)2015-02-18

This is very helpful, thanks for sharing! I hope we see more posts from you in the future!

nakcam (author)amberrayh2015-02-23


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