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Ever want to build your own RC vehicle? Now you can. Your in control of its design, and as simple to use a Legos, because it is Legos. All you need is a Lego NXT, a computer with a Bluetooth dongle, and control software

I am 17 years old.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
*standard NXT kit
*computer with bluetooth
Hyperlinks12 months ago

Will this work with a mac?

abrown972 years ago
On step 56 what control program are we supposed to open. I successfully downloaded both MonoBrick (which is just two .dll files) and Glove Pie but I cannot run it because d3dx9_33.dll is missing from my computer for some reason. So my main question is what do you mean by open the control program because I am unable to find it.
BaileyW3 abrown976 months ago

do u have a mac?

manthan199910 months ago
The link for the control program is moved
What to do??
UNDEAD_DC1 year ago

hi nice thanks for this going to try this when i got home.

lil question could it also get to work with the IR camera? and when i paste your code in GlovePie and klick run it just closes without a message

I did everything. The wii remote is connected with glovepie but nothing happens with the nxt. The nxt is connected with the blue tooth please help?
Robotman_23 years ago
That's pretty cool! It looks like you've essentially used your computer as a "translator" that takes the sensor data from the wii remote and then send out motor commands to the NXT. Nifty!

A great writeup about what the "translator" program is sending down to the NXT over bluetooth can be read here:

This is a great step by step tutorial of how to send down commands to the NXT. Additionally there are a bunch of free apps you can download for your computer and other mobile devices. If you can any questions - post your questions up there!

Hope this helps,
rolerball3 years ago
What control sofware did you use ?