Introduction: Control a DC Motor

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The purpose:

1- control the direction of dc motor

2- control the speed

Step 1: Idea of Work

we control in the direction of dc motor by use H bridge using 4 transistors .

and the we use two potentialmeter R5 and R6 to control in the speed .

When change the value of R5 and R6 we allow the the current to follow in direction and not follow in the anther direction according this Cases:

Step 2: Components

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Components :

bread board


4 resistors 2k

4 transistors 2n2222

2 potentiometer

Battery 9V

Step 3: Case 1

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R5=0 R6=0

then NO current pass in the circuit

Step 4: Case 2

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R6 increase

the current pass throw direction R5

Step 5: Case 3

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R5 increase

the current pass throw direction R6

Step 6: Case 4

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R5 increase

R6 increase

there in NO current pass throw the circuit

Step 7: Photo

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Step 8: Simulation

Step 9: Experiment


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-14

Nice H-Bridge tutorial

Great project!!! Even according to the amp rating of the motor the transistors can be interchanged :)

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