Step 2: Software You Need

arduino programer
pyserial(plug in for python)
pygame(plug in for python)
joystick drivers
This would be a simple edit, but you might want to add a joystick as another "duh" thing you need.
your right. totally skipped my mind
how do u upload the programs to the arduino if your using python?
the arduino ide. python just sends commands over serial com
nice background
LOL. thanks
That's funny, I just finished up a project almost exactly like this. I attached a joystick to an Arduino to a Servo motor! The only difference is that I dirrectly connected to the potentiometers in the joystick, I didn't use any programs or serial communication. Yours is great! I should post an 'ible for mine.
Hi there! <br /> <br /> Hey please post an instructable for that!!!&nbsp;That would be interesting. And to the author, very cool instructable.<br /> <br />
Yea, that was a while ago... It's reeeaaallly simple, though. The potentiometers were very easy to access&nbsp; once you got the plastic case off. Then I just used a couple analogRead's and the Servo library.<br />
cool. but i use multiple joysticks for reason i dont quite konw
How could this get illegal?
if you use it to throw ninja star to kill someone
Its like if you show someone to use a computer, and then they download warez, And then they sue you when the RIAA hits them, And then you say i am not held Liable blah blah blah...Nevermind >_<

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