Picture of game controller dog leash
Controlling your dog has never been so easy! Simply plug your pup into this paracord leash, and let the Xbox 360 controller do the rest. Move up, down, left, and right with the joysticks. Fire missiles and magical spells with your triggers, access the dogwalking menu by hitting select, or hold down the Xbox button to reset or turn off your dog.

The vibrating "rumble" capability has been replaced with a far more practical "doggy poop bag" function. Though this leash is completely functional paracord may not be suitable as a leash for larger dogs.

Get ready to enter the Konami code and take your dog walking to the next level!

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Step 1: Materials + controller breakdown

Picture of Materials + controller breakdown

  • console controller
  • black paracord
  • heat shrink tubing
  • roll of dog waste bags    

  • rotary tool
  • scissors
  • Phillips screwdriver

I used a broken XBOX controller for my dog leash. There were 7 screws on the underside holding the controller together, with one hiding under sticker.

When all screws are removed the controller can be easily pried apart.

Step 2: Remove vibration motors

Picture of Remove vibration motors

This controller had 2 vibration motors. These were removed to make space for the dog waste bags, they also made the controller much lighter.

These motors were plugged into the controller board and were easily unplugged. I saved these motors for use on a future project.

Step 3: Size waste bag area

Picture of Size waste bag area

To fit the dog waste bags inside the controller some of the internals would need to be removed.

I found these dog waste bags at my local pet store. They usually come in small rolls and are inexpensive.

Step 4: Cut controller board

Picture of Cut controller board

The bags almost fit inside the controller, but the controller board would need to be modified to accommodate the bags. Using a rotary tool with a cutting wheel a portion of the controller board was removed.

daner girl 163 months ago
I don,t like it I love it :)
botoole916 months ago

amazing 0.0

Indy Dawg9 months ago
That is sooo cool I can't wait to make it. By the way I voted for you

Mr. Saurus, I would like to inform you that I used this leash to take my roommate's dog out for a short walk. So she could potty.

(the dog, not my roommate).

No sh*t?!

Kidding. I'm a fan of dry humour. I'm still blown away by the photo of the dog on the leash. It really looks like the dog is part of the control. Reset, reset!!

Johnny J10 months ago
Nice! With some wiring and an electric collar, you could probably control the dog, too.
Kiteman Johnny J10 months ago

Speakers in tbe dog-collar to play video game sound effects.

Or cat noises.

CobyUnger Kiteman9 months ago

I met a guy a while back who makes such a thing.

hunter999 Johnny J10 months ago

Animal cruelty!

dcalix made it!9 months ago

Didn't have any paracord so I improvised till I stop at the store..

March 2, 2014 45902 PM EST.jpg

Maybe attach an adjustable wrist lanyard (probably paracord, too), just in case you've got a more, well, 'energetic' dog, haha.

patsheldon9 months ago

So very creative! I don't dare make it, I think I'd mess it up and my dog would start playing me instead. lol

agangwani9 months ago

Terrible idea! Now anytime you want to play Xbox the dog gets over excited and you have to take it out for a walk! Although there is double side to it if you lose your controller! (I actually love the idea).

hey do you still have the controllers old cable? if so ill pay you to mail it to me

altomic10 months ago

that's really cool.

dougstrickland10 months ago

Excellent use of the animated .gif - Well Done!

(Fun little project btw, very creative!

criggie10 months ago

use a dog clip. They close positively, whereas cheap keyring carabiner only have a small spring. Plus a good lunge will bend them.

I prefer the loop around my wrist, rather than relying on the fingers to hold him back. from those moments of SUDDENLY, CAT!

MoserLabs10 months ago

Do you know if

up up down down left right left right b a

works with this controller?

mikeasaurus (author)  MoserLabs10 months ago

It replenishes your dog's energy levels!'s got my vote!

gcanders10 months ago

Great way to meet girls who like dogs and video games.

That's cool!

LownIgnitus10 months ago
do a simple braid with the cord abd the cord itself would survive almost anything a large dog would throw at it. but would require a much sturdier handle then a few screws in plastic...
KneXtreme10 months ago

Now that's cool!

Misac-kun10 months ago

I would Love to do it. but i got only one controller. Hehe :\. May be a PS2 controller.

hunter99910 months ago

Awesome as always Mike! Well documented with clear photos.#

Voted! :-)

supereric10 months ago

Love it!

jmwells10 months ago
I have a mini wiener dog Carleyy might like. What combination makes your dog do a flying front kick? Haha
Bobey10 months ago

Your stuff always leaves so many thinking clouds over my head, it is amazing :D. Thank you mike.

Jonny12410 months ago
I'm not a big gamer but very cool
hawcrofta10 months ago


Carleyy10 months ago

I like everything about this! I need a dog to go with that leash!