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i give credit to las vegas he showed me how. im just posting this for anyone whos dumb like me

*update* thanks to trebuchet03 you cant transfer files that are m4p but you can with mp4 files

las vegases home page

why would we do this?
well my mp3 player not an ipod wont play mp4's so i had to convert them into mp3s

how do we do this?
read on

Step 1: Open I Tunes

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open i tunes from your dock desktop whereever or whatever ou have named it

Step 2: Open Preferences

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up at the top left of your computer (mac)
up at the top left of your itunes window (windows)
go to preferences and click on it

Step 3: Advanced

Picture of Advanced

now that you are in preferences it should look like pic 1
then go to advanced

Step 4: Changing Into a Mp3 Encoder

Picture of Changing Into a Mp3 Encoder

now that little bar under the bar one change that to importing

next youll see "import with" if you havnt changed it it should be AAC encoder change this to mp3

Step 5: Main Window

Picture of Main Window

close out of preferences and go to the main window

and right click on the song you want to change

go to "convert to mp3"

Step 6: Now Wait

Picture of Now Wait

this is the hardest part waiting

Step 7: There You Have It

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now you have 2 of the same song
delete one or keep both

this is my second instructable


JoD33 (author)2016-06-12

Ahhhh thank you! Now I can listen to my music while watching special effects on my VR......

JoD33 (author)2016-06-12

Nice. You show step one and then the comments!

WylomD (author)2015-05-18

I used total video converter for mac to convert my songs to mp3 so that I can enjot them in my MP3 player

rogers236 (author)2009-09-04

Thanks a bunch! This is a really easy way to convert all my purchased iTunes songs. I almost downloaded a converter, but checked here first.

doubleO (author)rogers2362009-09-06

I have tried this on several of my purchased songs and it won't convert since they are protected. I was really hoping this would have worked. Oh well.

rogers236 (author)doubleO2009-09-06

Ya, same thing happened to me when I tried it. I think it would only convert the songs I purchased recently (since iTunes took away the silly protection) because some songs I'd purchased converted while others didn't. You can figure which are which by adding "kind" as one of the things iTunes sorts your songs by(like title, artist etc.), and it will tell you the file type.

cannon21391 (author)2008-12-16

Im having trouble with this. I am not getting this general format when I go to advanced in the proporties I can't switch any of this to importing. I don't have a mac I am working with WindowsXP. Unless it is my version of itunes.

gbosbiker (author)2008-06-17

now how do you get the music onto your non-ipod mp3 player?

ich bin ein pyro (author)2008-03-24

and this has any reference to this instructable how?

deansep (author)2007-07-13

Whats the diference between a mp3 and mp4?

ich bin ein pyro (author)deansep2007-07-27

mp3 is the old type of music style mp4 is only in the new MP4 players (genius isn't it) since i have an mp3 player i needed to convert it to mp3

ich bin ein pyro (author)2007-03-15

i dont think it works with itunes music that you buy

way to convert secure mp4 from Itunes store: Burn a mp3 CD, then import it! The files wont be secured anymore.

Correct.... Any file that works in iTunes... Except m4p - I think that's the tag; I stopped using iTunes a couple years ago. Something about proprietary music that only plays on a proprietary media player sours the deal.

its mp4 not m4p unless your talking about something else

m4p ;) They are the protected files you won't be able to convert.

ongissim (author)2007-03-15

I've done this since iTunes 5 and it doesn't work with the new iTunes files.

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