This is a super easy "fix and forget" way to cook a pot roast . My family loves it . 
All you need is: 

1 soda (I usually use Dr. pepper ) 
1 packet onion soup mix 
1 pound or so of carrots. I cut mine up so the baby can eat them easily . 
1 pound celery. Cut again for the baby 
 Hand full of potatoes. l like to cut these in various ways for texture. 
1 dash of Tabasco . ( nothing is complete with out Tabasco!!) 
1 roast 3-4 pounds
1 slow cooker liner ( trust me it makes it so much easier to clean up . ) 
1 large slow cooker. 
*optional a small dish towel to cover the cooker with .( I don't know why I do it or where I picked it up but I always cover my lid with one) .
Insert the liner into the slow cooker according to the directions. Add the carrots and celery. Add potatoes, Place the roast on top of the vegetables with the marbled side up. Sprinkle the soup mix over the roast. ( I add about a tablespoon  of water. )
Set the slow cooker on high and cover with the lid and dish towel.
Walk away for 6-8 hours!
I do this when I am on the road for work . I will make it in the hotel so when I get off work I'll have a nice dinner waiting for me . 
w2sqr4 years ago
Finally got time to do this today :-)
It turned out great!
I used a big Chuck Roast, baby carrots, potatoes, an onion, and celery as the
veg. My 14yo Daughter was delighted when I served it for dinner tonight and
she's a picky eater.
The meat was falling apart tender. The carrots & potatoes held up well but the
celery and onions kinda disappered during the cooking time of 6 hours.
The process got off kinda slow until I wrapped a towel around the top of the crock
pot and then things seemed to take off :-)
It's going to make about 3 meals for the three of us, leftovers will be great!

This was a winner of an Instructable!

w2sqr4 years ago
No mention of the soda. Do you just drink this while you wait? :-)
harthoppy (author)  w2sqr4 years ago
Sorry . i fixed it ! Step 5 is where it is at .
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Looks delicious.
harthoppy (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
You have no idea. it will bring tears to your eyes. ( ok not really but it is really good)
RedMeanie4 years ago
Amen! My favorite!
harthoppy (author)  RedMeanie4 years ago
Mine also . it turned out fantastic like always I would have taken pictures of the finished product but by the time i got around to it the Family had attacked. ( even the 2 year old was licking her plate. )

one thing about ti though it is a Brown dinner. make sure you put a salad or something with it to take the eyes of the brown-ness. lol