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Introduction: Cool DIY Infinite LED Tunnel

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in this instructable i'm going to show you how to build a virtual "infinite" led tunnel.

this is my first instructable...i know it's not perfect....especially for what concerns the grammar:-)....however I hope that you'll like it

see the video here:

Step 1: Materials & Tools

the things you need are:
- wooden bar (80cm X 3cm X 1cm)
- copper wire
- 20 leds
- a semi-reflective  mirror
- an ordinary mirror (the same size of the semi trasparent one)
- a DC transformer (3V or the same voltage needed by the leds)
- glue

- saw
- soldering gun

Step 2: Cut

now cut the wood bar in order to create a square of the same size of the mirror but don't glue it,
also drill a hole for the power supply, as you can see in the picture.

Step 3: Led Strip

now build a led strip on the inner side of the square as shown in the picture(be sure to add also resistors as shown below)
than glue all together

Step 4: Connect the DC Transformer

attach the positive and the negative wires of the dc transformer to the positive and the negative side of the led strip

Step 5: Attach the Mirrors

finally attach the regular mirror facing the inner side of the frame and the semi-reflective mirror on the other side,and you will see an amazing led tunnel!!!



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    i am using it to make semi transparent mirror

    i want to make a led infinite mirror for that i use 2 glass of one side coted with black fillm used in cars each would it work.

    We did not find results for: i want to make a led infinite mirror for that i use 2 glass of one side coted with black fillm used in cars each would it work.

    Brilliant..congratulations, please keep posting because we need more posts that combine light tricks with Arduino.

    This guy had the same idea.

    Scratch that, I thought that sounded familiar, Check this out:

    Something like a transparent OLED screen in front of the entire setup?

    Anyone got any idea of how to make this into a wall clock? (:
    Would make an awesome wallclock :D

    1 reply

    idea: remove clock hands from movement, replace with some manner of glowing tube?

    I wonder... Ok, front mirror is see semi-reflective, say (I do know actual number) 30 - 50%. What if the rear mirror was 80 - 90% reflective, then place an animatronic hand/spider/thing behind the rear mirror, with LEDs to illuminate it periodically or remotely. Tell friends it is a meditation mirror, you'll see your soul...

    There is a related idea BTW, that uses an the mirror and semi-reflective mirror front & back of a candle, kind of an infinite regressing candle.

    1 reply

    i was eating dinner at my friends' house, and they had three candles on the table... then they pulled out a tall rectangular prism with the bottom and top open, and placed it neatly over the three candles.
    it was made of panes of semireflective glass, and the effect was incredible... the sides being also mirrors created an infinite field effect, blew my mind

    cool wow that would be weird to open a door and see this

    wow this is really cool now im considering making a bunch and making a cool dance floor

    2 replies

    Just use some really strong plexi glass.. Don't want people falling into the infinity hole :P

    What an awesome idea, dude :)

    Where did you get your LEDs from? Did you buy online or at a local place?

    I am going to try this, but covering up the LE"s with mirror pieces so that you can\t see the source