Cool Evil Hand Thing


Introduction: Cool Evil Hand Thing

Step 1: Cover It

 just cover a garden glove with cool looking stuff 

Step 2: Paint

 then take off some parts and paint them some metallic color

Step 3: Detail

 spray silver spray paint on a crumpled piece of paper and rub it on it to make it look scratched

Step 4: Forearm(optional)

 I just got a big pipe and painted an M on it for my movie



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    it looks like a dumb, rejected, rusty builders glove!!!!!!!!

    I haven't been on here in years. I like that this gets compared to the ribbon devise even though it looks nothing like it xD I think I might start putting up some of the other stuff I've made since this.

    kool ribbon device dude 4.5 stars =D

    just for those who do not know. its from stargate and is called the "Hand Device"

    awesome i want to use this for my steampunk halloween costume

    at first glance it looks vaguely like a ribbon device from Stargate

    It looks pretty good, but you'd be better with these pictures in a slideshow.