Its a knex car with 2 motors and its almost indestrutable
would you believe me if i said that i made that car just by the slideshows?
ya why would you not be able to make it? im glad that someone made it.
im happy that people like it but i wont make an instructable cause i demolished it to make a knex gun
did you use the motors for the gun? cuz that would be <em>sweet</em>!<br/>
no it was the spider massacre one of the best gun ever and i needed the peices to make it
nice btw how do yo make a slide show?
At the top of the screen go to Submit>slideshow
sweet car great Instructable keep up the good work and please post a page on it. i rate 5/5
Cool car!
That actually looks really cool. Are you going to post an Instructable?
maybe if i get time
I don't think it needs an instructable, really. Just from the first pic, you can know how to make it.
ya it looks pretty simple to make
hey what type of motors do you use on that car to make it run.
wind up motors

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