Picture of cool pencil case from crisp packets
this instructible will show you how to make a cool looking pencil case using sticky back plastic and crisp packets

Step 1: Gether materials

Picture of gether materials
what you will need:
crisp packets and sweet rappers
sticky back plastic
needle and thread
prittstick (hot glue would also work)
a zipper
and a pair of scissors, snippy snippy.
This is actually really cool. How did you make the pictures--Paint? As in the program. :P And I would like to see the result of what you did, that would be cool. Nice job.
pooandwee (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
i drew them out on paper in pencil the went over them in fine liner, scanned them in and then redefined the lines in photoshop, it was alot of work for nothing really.