In this Instructable I'm gooing to tell you how to make a penstand with inbuilt secret compartment.
It has a simple penstand from the front but a secret application in the compartment.It also can be a great gift when you have no money to spend. I apologize for my pictures and language as I'm using my mother's mobile's camera and I'm a 10 year old

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need the following items-
2)Packing tape
3)Cardboard box
5)a few pens
6) any thing to put in the compartment
7)cellophane paper
8)Gift Wrapping Paper
etc not shown in the picture

Step 2: Prepare the Box

Cut a square hole in the box leaving about 2 cm from the border
Make sure the inside of the box is air thight other than the square hole cut
Cover the cole with cellopane paper from inside

Step 3: Make the Compartment

Take a piece of cardboard to fit the box.Glue the cardboard to make a difference between the pen stand and the secret compartment.Cover the cardboard with gift wrapping paper.

Step 4: Prepare the Lid

cut the lid into 2 just above the cardboard as shown in picture. Then Tape the penstand portion to the cardboard . Then make holes in the penstand portion.

Step 5: Wrap the Box

Wrap the box with gift wrapping paper so that it looks something cool and commercial

Step 6: In the Secret Compartment

In the secret compartment you may put
1) computer speaker
or 2)Ipod or something you wanna hide from your parents
i'm ten but everyone thinks im 13 so i smart LOL
you are really ten? how can you be on instructables, young  little child?
Just kidding

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