Cool Spiders





Introduction: Cool Spiders

cool spider you can make it with just a electric motor, wires and battery, you can make it turn side way and backward with just a bend on the spider legs.

Step 1: Materals and Tools

MATERIAL: solder wire, coppter wire, electric motor( you can get it from old cell phone) battery

TOOLS: solder, and solder wire.

Step 2: Measure Wires

you need to cut out

1 = 4cm head
1 = 12cm body
6 = 4.5cm front legs
2 = 6.5cm rear legs

2 = 2cm across spider body
1 = 3cm across spider body.

Step 3: Put Together the Wires

place all the wire as show below and solder it.

Step 4: Connect the Electric Motor

solder a 1cm cross the electric motor and connect the wires to + and -

Step 5: Solder the Motor

solder the electric motor to the head of the spider

Step 6: Ready for the Test

connect wires to the battery and place the battery on to the body of the spider and connect the wires to the electric motor, for more info how it works. please watch the video



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easy to make

its a very good toy

It uses a vibrating motor right

This is confusing me... Please provide clearer instructions... But overall this is a great instructable!!

actually,have u ever felt a vibration on your phone......wel it happens so b'coz of that motor inside the phone.this motor vibrates the-copper wire frame(in the spider's case) and a tooth brush's head in the bristle bot's case.hope u understood.

I have been thinking about making a bristlebot for quite some time but have not gotten around to it. However I think this just might make me make it now. Great work!