cool sunglasses from plastic bottle. See step by step!

Step 1: 1


Step 2: 2


Step 3: 3


Step 4: 4


Step 5: 5


Step 6: 6


Step 7: 7

I really wanted to make these But there r no steps
I can't even see anything
I dont know if its my computer or what, but there are no steps. there are just the step numbers.
I like how you added the numbers to the steps. Smart!!
"They are just perfect for sunny summer day or just for a party." Sunglasses have UV protection to filter all the extra sunlight that enters your shade-dilated pupils. Unless you used a special marker that blocks 99% of UV rays, you might wanna reseve them for indoor/nighttime stuff.
So... can you see out of these? One cool thing tho. If you could find some translucent metallic paint, you could make some Doc Brown glasses. 1.21 jiggawatts of '80's coolness, m' man!
Very well! They are just perfect for sunny summer day or just for a party.
? how

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