Cool Wax Spinart





Introduction: Cool Wax Spinart

create spinart with wax! preety cool, but messy. this is my first instructable so, please give me feedback!!

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

some sort of wax. i used old candles but crayons work too.
a surface to drip the wax on, i used a piece of wood
some kind of motor to spin the surface, i used a cd player motor and the head that spins the cd
some newspaper or paper because it can get messy!!
almost forgot batteries for the motor! yea that might help!
something to melt the wax, like a hotplate and a pot

Step 2: Melt That Wax!!!

watch the wax melt. this is soooo boring.
i eventually got impatient and used a torch to melt the rest.

Step 3: Pour First Layer

attach the surface u chose tho the motor and turn it on
pour wax onto the surface at the center
be sure that you have a sort of newspaper shield around your wax cus it sprays everywhere!!!

Step 4: Add Another Layer If You Wish

two different colors are cool
let dry and ur finished!!!!



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    This is awesome! Do you think it can be made using a couple colors? Used as a wall hanging?

    Very awesome. like craftyv said, put it between two plates of acrylic or glass to preserve it and have some cool art.

    You could put the piece between two pieces of glass with frame clips and preserve it.

    I've seen this done with ordinary paint, but this is far better. I wonder ... if you used a flexible plastic sheet to pour the wax on, could you peel the sheet off and leave the wax for mounting or displaying elsewhere? Very cool project, lots of potential.

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    You know, I'm thinking of doing this with chocolate: different food-colored versions of white chocolate, possibly with flavors added, and a bit of milk and/or dark chocolate. Could be an awesome holiday present.

    Wow - that would be excellent, but harder to eat than a huge flake!


    I'd just blu-tack some greaseproof paper to the surface, then take that off and peel it off the wax (unless the heat would make the wax melt onto the paper... in which case use cling film or something). I'd like to see what happens if you keep pouring when you disconnect the motor- as the surface spins down presumably the fling would get less enthusiastic until it finally lust started pooling in the middle?

    Or different colours of wax at different speeds?

    (Don't you think a better "first image" would be the one that is currently last in the introduction.)

    very interesting lol yea im new to this sooo

    you could put the entire operation in a bucket (a big one.) to make sure that there is no wax flung everywhere. it's more reliable than newspaper.

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    Good idea thanks, i will try this one again but interesting enough i got a preety cool result with the wax sprayed on the paper i was using will post pics

    Looks neat. What do you do with the finished product?

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    I have no idea i hung it on my wall like art

    looks neat but im not sure what I'd do with it....

    Looks fragile! Would like to see one with more colours. If anyone else tries this, post pics!