One of my little frustrations is fumbling around for the switch which is attached to the cord of this lamp shown in the picture.  These little inefficiencies that add bits of frustration to life add up and I decided to address this one.  I like to try to smooth those out sometimes.  That's one of my goals.

Step 1: Safety Warnings

warning:  do not actually do this.  in fact don't do anything because there is a slight risk of injury or you might spill hot coffee on yourself.  You might electrocute yourself, your children and other loved ones and set fire to your neighborhood and the majority of your country and go to prison for the rest of your life.  spend the rest of your days weeping, with your head hanging in regret.  Therefore you should just never do anything at all. 

Leave *everything* to the experts and only the experts with the most advanced degrees from the most expensive institutions.  The rest of us should just wait in line for whatever they tell us is safe to do.

It might even be good to never leave your house.  Don't drive a car or do anything silly like walk down the street.  Don't try to do anything yourself because who knows what could happen.

You have been warned!
Quick question: do you not use a ground wire in this? Just one of the black or white wires from the extension cord? <br> <br>Thanks, <br>Adam
Since the light is a two prong light and the extension chord I'm using is two prong, I just went with that. If you prefer to use a three prong device, then you would probably want a three prong extension inside, which has that third prong which is grounded. This box is little more than a fancy box that hides an extension chord really.

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