Step 3: blend!

After simmering for a while the potatoes should be cooked through.
Carefully scoop a few ladles of the chowder into a blender, make sure you get a good mix of broth and chunky-bits.

Blend on high until smooth, then add blended chowder back into pot and mix.
Is the cheddar an essential part of the recipe? My wife is allergic to cheese, but would love to try this out.
You can easily omit the cheese and still have a great dish. Also, feel free to mix up any of the ingredients shown to make your own version. Don't forget to post your results!
Delicious! My family loved it. The only changes I made were not peeling potatoes and I used heavy cream because it's what I had on hand.
Looks tasty, thanks for sharing.<br /> Enjoy the patch and the Pro Membership!<br /> <br /> <sub>I just had the last of the leftover corn chowder today for lunch and I am already craving it again!</sub>
Sounds delicious! And the bacon is the perfect touch!

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