To make this corner desk made me a lot of things
this is my first tutorial so please bear with us considering the fact that my English is not good

My 4 year old daughter does not have a desk for your computer

Organizing clutter
because in my utility room which lie hidden in the furniture does not need the furniture and are used with defects


 I like to tinker and manipulate old useless stuff I came up with idea to design a corner desk with height adjustment using existing furniture and waste such as chipboard, furniture hardware and other stuff

Giving a second life of the furniture and waste
protecting the environment

  This project was to give some savings to buy instead of a desk for about 50-100euro
such as for example

  Instructables recently discovered and am fascinated by the ideas of its users.
So when I learned of the Instructables contest is furniture and I am a new user I thought that I could build on the occasion of the desk to create a step by step tutorial on how to build such or like a desk or other piece of furniture with just the old or unnecessary things

  can my project will inspire someone to create something really professional and grander than mine, bearing a well-equipped workshop, or even having a few tools that I'm just at the moment has

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reilii1 year ago
Thank you very much. I am inspired and I understood your English... Great Pix