Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case





Introduction: Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case

this a 5Euro laptop case project, from corrugated cardboard. Is a "green case" (green dot), all materials is biodegradable.
First I make this project with OLPC(One Laptop Per Child) destination, but I make this prototype for my (big) laptop. Is a perfect case for OLPC: low cost, shock-absorption, easy to make, reusable, biodegradable.

- 5mm corrugated cardboard
- drafting ruler
- cutter
- paper/wood glue

I hope you like to make this case, not only for laptop...
Doru N.P.

Step 1:

Cut a piece 670x730mm (for my laptop) from cardboard, measure and draw project.
Now cut and fold cardboard.

Step 2: Glue Part

If you don`t have a large piece of cardboard, you can cut more parts ang glue togheder.

Step 3: Attach Handle

Cut and insert handle. Iou can glue handle (2-3) parts.

Step 4: Test Case

Now you can test bag with your laptop and AC adapter

Step 5: Finish.

Glue all parts, put laptop ..... ang go to WiFi park - is spring !

Is possible to colour with ecological paint (without Pb), or only spray with one anty-rain lacquer.
Without paint - put all case in a plastic bag (biodegradable).
You can make another compartiment for documents and laptop accesories.



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    6 Discussions

    if i can find a big box I will make one of these Cover it with Paper mache to make it strong and then the outsides with Duct tape and add a duct tape Pocket for Cds and Papers inside it

    Can you still buy "unecological" lead-based paint or is that a joke? (doesn't need paint - good build) L

    4 replies

    It was mainly the Pb I was interested in, but yes some paints are most unpleasant. L

    I don`t have chemistry skill (and, if you observe, not good english skill :) ), but some paint is more ecological compare to other. But, in nature, exist plants who are used to paint. An example: onion skins if is water boiled, is use to paint (wool, easter eggs,...) ~ red colour. And more other plants - ask your grandparents (or search on web).

    No joke - in my country (Romania) many stores sell lead-based paint. And is a big problem. Here, your question is a joke.