Step 1: Cotton candy machine

Picture of cotton candy machine
electric motor, battery, (2)orange juice lids, sugar, wire, small piece of wood, electric clip, connector,( found in Homedepots)

Tools: drill, groove plier,knife
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pocholox8 made it!11 months ago

Hey man! thanks alot for giving me inspiration for my entry in the remix contest, i've been dreaming to build this 6 years ago so yeah thanks again! check my i'ble out


Bowtie412 years ago
How did you heat it?
I believe the sugar was heated separately from the spinner, probably on a stove, then it was poured into the machine.
RENATO.ROSS2 years ago
Infelizmente isso não funciona! Foi um dos primeiros instructables que tentei fazer e me decepcionei. Precisa de uma fonte de calor para aquecer o açucar e o autor não mencionou isto.
stvwinslow2 years ago
Where does the heat source go?
Ironman976 years ago
What store can I get a threaded motor at? Please don't reply just an "electrical store." Does Menards have them? Ace? Home Depot? Lowes?
At RadioShack is the best place or menard don't depot is $$$ so just go to RadioShack is like 1.00 for a really good motor
radio shack
in canada we have the source but in the usa i think its called circuit city
cotton candy burns fast and uncontrollably
use caution!
huntblack4 years ago
Haha suggested at my school doing it in engineer class thanks for the plans
kcls5 years ago
Pretty cool! A few questions, though.
  1. Does the lighter fluid run out often?
  2. Doesn't sugar fling towards you as well at the paper?
  3. Does the cotton candy ever catch on fire as you are waving the cone around it?
fvm5 years ago
I am Thinking of using an old Weed Wacker engine to make it spin and to use like a gas burner (from a grill or stove) for the heat and using a new wash tub thing from like homedeopot.... The only thing what can i use for the little funnel thing????
this is what MAYBE it to look like... Used google sketchup which is free

dude ur brilliant u jus gave and absoulte brilliant idea gonna make ur version xcept smaller!
You should use a propane powered engine, and maybe heat diffusers for the flame. Like a small camping propane griddle, you don't want it to kick out too much heat and burn the sugar, like if it were a turkey fryer head.
Mariamk5 years ago

Very creative!
I wonder if I can make this... =]]

PKTraceur6 years ago
What RPM is the motor w/ snapple cap? (500 RPM?)
500 RPM =1 revolution per .12 seconds
I think it is faster than 1 revolution every 12 seconds XD
its .12 not 12
...i was joking...
(Saying as, the snapple cap is 1 1/4 circumference
didibemi6 years ago
Really Nice! I am doing one now!!! I'll post pic's later!!!
cloot1006 years ago
I love cotton candy! Great idea! 12 star!!
Use a small alcohol burner!! with a tiny wick
n0ukf7 years ago
You didn't say in the instructible itself HOW you heat the sugar. I'd hesitate to use your method. Have you ever accidentally ignited the cotton candy with the lighter?
I don't understand how people expect to be able to build something on their own when they dont even have the ability to watch a video properly. Some of these questions are so rediculous!! IGNITE THE COTTON CANDY!!! OMG!! You may set the cotton candy on fire!!LMAO Geez. Do us all a favor and dont try this at home k?
My point is that the Instructable says nothing about how to heat the sugar. And yes, an open flame is not a good way to heat the sugar.
I dont think that you will ignite the cotton candy i think that it will just melt again...
hishealer6 years ago
Did anyone else get pelted with hot sugar? Or did I do something wrong?
bomberman36 years ago
You could probably use the heating element from a hot glue gun. However, you would have to plug it in there. Great instructable! I shall make it with an old hot glue gun i broke.
djr67896 years ago
great ible! one question how do u connect the mottor to the lids?
great job. it looks awesome although i would consider moving the back board you have back a little bit so that as the cotton candy forms, it won't brush up against the back board and leave that mess on it. overall great though
Great job on this! Rated 5 stars! (*****)
Mattrox6 years ago
Great job A++++ :)
PKTraceur6 years ago
Is there another option for a heating element? I think I would want to do this for a school project.
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