Cotton Candy Machine





Introduction: Cotton Candy Machine

Step 1: Cotton Candy Machine

electric motor, battery, (2)orange juice lids, sugar, wire, small piece of wood, electric clip, connector,( found in Homedepots)

Tools: drill, groove plier,knife

Step 2: Orange Juice Lids

find two orange juice lids, clean the inside and outside with sand paper

Step 3: First Lids

make a large hole as shown below, use the drill to make the hole,

Step 4: Second Lids

second lids, use the knife to make small hole around the lids,

Step 5: Two Lids Together

drill three holes around the 2 lids, use the wire to connect the lids together,

Step 6: Put Together

connect the lids to the electric motor and to the small piece of wood

Step 7: Yummy Cotton Candy

Heat to melt the sugar and turn it into a liquid
A set of very small holes that the liquid sugar can flow through to form threads of sugar
A spinning head that slings the liquid sugar outward so it is forced through the holes
use a stick to catch the threads



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How did you heat it?

I believe the sugar was heated separately from the spinner, probably on a stove, then it was poured into the machine.

Infelizmente isso não funciona! Foi um dos primeiros instructables que tentei fazer e me decepcionei. Precisa de uma fonte de calor para aquecer o açucar e o autor não mencionou isto.

Where does the heat source go?

What store can I get a threaded motor at? Please don't reply just an "electrical store." Does Menards have them? Ace? Home Depot? Lowes?

At RadioShack is the best place or menard don't depot is $$$ so just go to RadioShack is like 1.00 for a really good motor

in canada we have the source but in the usa i think its called circuit city

cotton candy burns fast and uncontrollably
use caution!

Haha suggested at my school doing it in engineer class thanks for the plans