Cover Up a Bare Picture Hook With Sugru





Introduction: Cover Up a Bare Picture Hook With Sugru

My favorite handmade broom hangs from a heavy-duty picture hook in the doorway of the kitchen. It's a practical storage solution, but is also extremely ugly. I wanted to make it look better and thought perhaps sugru might be a good material. it turned out it was.

Step 1: Materials

Besides the bare hook, all that is needed is sugru and in this case, two tiny black beads.

I used three colors of sugru: blue, green and orange. Of course, you can choose the color, amounts and embellishments to suit your particular needs.

Step 2: Mixing Sugru Colors

Inspired by this video, I decided to mix a custom teal color. One full packet of green and about 1/3 packet of blue combined into something that fit into the house colors a little better.

Step 3: Shaping the Hook Cover

I was surprised by the stickiness of sugru, but this quality also made it easy to press a small blob over the hook and onto the wall.

Step 4: Adding Details

A smaller blob of orange sugru was formed into a beak. And though I could have used black for the eyes, I thought the beads would be easier and more lifelike than what I could sculpt myself. 

Step 5: A Bird's Head Hook Cover

The whole project took maybe 10 minutes. It's a simple change that makes the room feel a lot warmer than the bare hook did. Not a classic sugru hack--but since I use the broom every day, I think of it as a welcome visual "repair."



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    Hi Sylrig, here at sugru we're putting together a little booklet / manual that will be shipped with all our orders. We'd love to feature this as one of the hack examples in there - would that be ok with you? If so would you be able to email me a high res version of the first photo on here? Hope you're up for it - it's a beautiful use of sugru!


    1 reply

    Sure! I'll get the photo to you as soon as I can find it. Thank you so much for including this little bird in with all the wonderful sugru projects I've been seeing.

    Hi Sylrig! Hey we featured this gorgeous hack on our sugru monthly newsletter this November - did you see it? If not if you email me at I can fwd it to you, and also you get a little prize for being featured, but I need your address to send it, so please do email me! Jane.

    It's a kind of malleable, air-curing silicone. Feels like a sticky clay, but then solidifies into a semi-hard permanence. Here's the website:

    Well done! Did you have something else to do with the remaining sugru, or did you find a way to seal it up for later use?

    1 reply

    Thank you! I used some of the leftover sugru to make soft-jaw pliers, as per this instructable.

    A small remainder, unfortunately, had to go unused. Next time I will try to line up several projects before opening a new packet.