Cow Skull





Introduction: Cow Skull

fake cow skull

Step 1: Stage One.

I first went looking on the web to ding reference will need them.

Step 2: My Design

using your photos as reference. I drew half the skull on graph paper. so was easy to scale up.

Step 3: Scale Up

I drew squares on coloured paper and for one square on graph paper. 1 x 1 cm I scaled it up to 1 cm = 50 cm.Once I had done that I cut it into 3 or 4 sections then cut them out.

Step 4: Foam

I traced the sections on foam. used the template twice for both sides.

Step 5: Paper Horns

Once I had glued my pieces togeatger. I rolled up newspaper for the horns and glued them to the top.

Step 6: Polyfilla

Once the glue was dry I mixed pollyfilla and the proceded to cover the front and horns. I used a small brush then smoothed out main skull with sand paper once dry

Step 7: Horns.

Once the pollyfilla had dried.I began to paint the horns. I used a light water wash brown

Step 8: Tea

So the skull is not too white a used a wet t bag over all of it which gave it a weathered look.

Step 9: Horns Extra

wrapped the horns in black string to strengthen.

Step 10: Da Da

Added some cracks in fine black marker also a bit of yellow on the teeth. and there you have it.



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    have you ever worked with the pink construction foam? you can do some pretty awesome stuff with it and It don't need support for the most part.

    no I havnt. going to give it a shot next time. Looking at making a hulk costume next so that is probably the stuff to use. cheers

    cool skull by the way.