Picture of craft fair table cover
This is a must have for any craft fair. Table covers are easy to make and make your booth look amazing! :D

I finally broke down and bought a table in the hopes that I will be at all the affordable-to-register craft fairs this season. I decided it would be a good idea to make a nice cover for it too. I wanted something cheery and bright to attract attention and also something that would properly hide any clutter I had lying around and give me extra storage.

I created a slightly gathered table cover that's open in the back so you can get to the storage under the table super quick! This table cover will take a couple hours to make, but it's definitely worth the time if you're trying to do craft fairs on the cheap.

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
  • a folding table
  • fabric (we'll talk about measuring below) - you can use one color or mix and match!
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • measuring tape
  • iron + ironing board
You'll want to get the measurements before you go fabric shopping! I originally wanted to do it all in the cute yellow fabric, but didn't buy enough.

You'll need one piece a couple inches wides and longer than your tabletop, and one long piece to go all the way around your table, plus a little extra (10-15 inches at least!) for gathering. I used a little over 2 1/2 yards of fabric for the skirt for my table, which is 48 inches long and 20 inches wide.

Also keep in mind you'll have quite a bit of fabric left over from the skirt. My table is 28 inches tall, and I used 45 inch wide fabric, so I have a pretty long strip left over. It'll make good quilt squares! You could probably piece together the remainder to form a top, but I figured that would not look as clean.
mrsmagoo20016 months ago

The only thing I would add, loops to catch the legs at the hemline to keep the cloth from flying up if the wind catches it.

smelville36 months ago

Where were you about 3 months ago; with these instructions? I have a 4 foot table and made a cover using matching top cover and sides. I used Velcro and did a complete wrap, because sometimes I turn it sideways.

kstewart17 made it!1 year ago

Your instructions were so, so helpful! I do my first craft show next month and I'm scrambling to get everything ready...I actually have to make three table covers. Just finished the first one, and it turned out wonderfully! Thanks so much!

jwhalen5232 years ago
i'm not quite ready to start craft fairs, but when i do this instructable will be very helpful. it looks great and i imagine its a lot more secure and easy to set up than a large rectangular table cloth would be.
danlynne072 years ago
I absolutely love this!!! My husband is a horsetrainer. To buy a professional one with your bussiness logo on it ,it costs $200+ so this is perfect until we can get the bussiness going and this looks great. It is also ideal to have these for the clinics .Heck even yard sales. Thank you so much for sharing.