Picture of crayon art on cardboard
Glue using hot glue crayons(crayola work best) to white or light colored cardboard. using a hairdryer blow until melted and you have a beutiful piece of cardboard art that can be displayed for the whole family.
I'm going to have to try this sometime! Awesome job :)
atonyg (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
thanks it was fun
shadowfeet3 years ago
I've also done this on styrofoam. It works great! Even had a friend coment it looked like a canvas.
atonyg (author) 3 years ago
hi everyone im excited to see such a great repsonse please give it five stars and follow me so you can check out my future instructables, thanks.
flyingpuppy3 years ago
Interesting, but I like this version on Pinterest better. : )