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Introduction: Crazy Golfball Cannon

About: im just your average everyday country boy with a mind that comes up with stuff like golfball guns and stuff of that nature.

these are the general plans for an air powered cannon that will launch a golfball incredible distances. If the barrel size is changed you can shoot bigger things like tennis balls.

disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you choose to do with this thing. I will say it is unwise to point it at any thing that is living as it is fairly unpredictable.

Step 1: Materials

you need:
-the best pvc glue you can find
-one and a half feet of 4" pvc pipe
-2 feet of 2" pvc pipe
-3" of 1/2" pvc pipe
-2 4" to 2" reducers
-2 2" to 1/2" reducers
-2 1/2" female adaptors
-a 1/2" metal gas valve
-a 1/2" to 1/4" metal bushing
-a pressure gauge
-an air hose quick connection
-a 2" pvc water valve
-a 2" pvc Y

Step 2: Connections

cut 2 pieces off of the 2" pipe about 2" long pipe to use to connect the water vavle and the Y to the reducers

Step 3: Fillin' Station

Attach the quick connect to the gas valve. use teflon tape or pipe dope to get a good seal. thread that into one of the reducers and that into the strait end of the Y. thread the preasure gauge into the other reducer and put that into the other branch ot the Y. using one of your 2" pieces attach the Y to one of the 2" to 4" reducers.

Step 4: The Business End

Glue the 2" pipe in one end of the water valve and glue the remaining 2" piece on the other end. on that piece glue the 2" to 4" reducer and then the 4" pipe

Step 5: IT LIVES!!!!!

Glue the two pieces together and then put extra glue on the out side of all your connections just to be sure. be sure to let it dry for a few hours. we shot ours while it was still wet and my friend almost broke his thumb when the end came off.

Step 6: Ready, Fire, Aim.

there's really no way to aim so you just gotta point and shoot. MAKE SURE to not shoot it at anyone or any thing that is alive. it will drive a golf ball through a 1/2" of sheet rock. a wash rag is needed to keep a seal around the golfball. keep in mind that a smaller barrel will shoot smaller things like marbles and a bigger barrel will shoot bigger things like tennis balls. also the glue will only hold so much pressure so I don't jack mine up past 60 to 70 psi. have fun and keep safe. as soon as I build it I'll post one about a high pressure marble cannon.



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    2 Questions

    What is the firing sequence for this canon? And if I need more information Please let me know. Hal

    how can you prevent the need for the wash cloth and can you somehow use a trigger instead of having to turn the valve?


    This is a great cannon. I have had it for six months and hasn't had a leak.

    PS;If you want the golf balls to really fly take a standard bad mitten birdie, turn it upside down,put golf ball in it and put the top of the birdie down the pipe all the way to the valve.

    Danger: See link: This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.

    See the pictures and never use PVC to hold air, Please.

    That "Wye" joint at the back end is a dead giveaway! That is drain- waste- and vent pipe fittings. It is not pressure rated at all. This device is potentially lethal. "Schedule 80" steel pipe is pressure rated for steam and is usually welded. But all the "kids" on instructables make "'visits to the hospital emergency room" by building "crap' like this. because PVC is cheap and glues together just like a 1/24th scale model car. ( flammable gases like lighter fluid, overpressure plastic pipes pressure rating by four times+ when they 'ignite." [800psi)- Plastic bomb. Compressed air is not safer, There are specific ABS plastics made for compressed air- Search the internet.

    The same thing goes for some of the "soldered" copper 'guns" on this site. Copper water pipe was not intended to hold more than 140psi. The pipe may hold, but the sweated solder joints probably won't.
    If you want a gun take hunter safety courses and buy a real one. [when old enough]

    if you live in the UK or Australia, move to a country without idiots who gave away your sovereign rights restricting gun ownership.
    ( I built much of this poo-poo 35+ years ago and by [divine intervention] still have my eyes and all my fingers.) Some will not have such luck.

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    A)pvc is pressure rated, water runs through it, the fitting might no be but that's why it thicker just to be safe
    B)explosions do exceed the limit but air pressure is measured with le gauge (so it wont)
    C)a safety pressure release valve can and should be used
    D) i built them and never got hurt, not divine intervention just research and make sure it works before you test it and don't make changes unless you're positive they're safe...your name wouldnt have diesel in it if you didnt take enjoy taking risks. let the kids have their fun

    Well I made a hairspray propellant version and DID break my thumb.

    3 replies

    do you think you could post a pic of it. if been trying to make one and failed on 2.


    Heyy instead of using a quick release valve cant i just use the valve for a car tire?

    Hey muffin man what is with with the wash rag needed to keep a seal around the golfball! How much more larger is the pvc than the golf ball? How far would this fire a golfball? Im interested in perhaps making this Cannon it s a master piece well done.

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    I want to build one of these too.  Now a golf ball will travel 3x farther withe he pock marks so I cant see why the big old cannons didnt use this? Maybe they never figured it out?
    the french used huge balls in a pnematic milatary rifle.
    How about sharing some info?


    how far does it shoot? { sorry if its in the instructions and i didnt see it} also what else could i use to launch?

    1 reply

    sorry it took so long to get back to you. i got it to shoot about 300 - 400 hundred yards before it started hitting trees.

    not really an instructable, more like a 'hey look i did this' make a sideshow

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    i explained exactly how to build it. i believe that a simple slide show would be a "hey look what i did."

    becarful those parts look like dmw pvc, which is not made to hold pressure, make sure all pvc part say NSF-PW or they will have a good chance of exploding

    This is a pretty simple but effective pneumatic cannon,the only thing i would do differently is make a longer barrel to increase speed an accuracy.overall good job

    how much did it cost and is it hard to open the valve when its pressuerized

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    it cost bout 50 bucks. you want to make sure your valve is fairly easy to open before you build it and it should be bout the same when its pressurized.

    Very simple yet awesome cannon. I would just check the bell reducers and make sure that they are pressure rated. Still, you have managed to create an amazing gun.