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   Learning about planets through reading can sometimes be boring. So,
how would you like to learn about a planet by making one yourself?
   In this activity, you will find that this is a  fun way to learn.It will
also be easy for you later on to recall what you have learned.
balloon                        flour
   water                            bowl
   newspaper                 watercolor
   paint                             crayons
   rubber band                scissors
   reference book   


   1. Read information about the planet.

   2. Choose the planet you would like to '' create ''

   3. Blow up the balloon. Use a rubber band to seal it. The
         balloon will be your planet.
   4. Cut strips of newspaper.
   5. Mix water and flour to form a paste. Use this to glue the
         newspaper strips on the balloon.
   6. Wait till the strips have dried.then color them. Use your
         reference book as guide.
   7. Make your planet as real -looking as possible. For example,
         if you choose Venus, add cotton that is painted yellow to show
         that the clouds surrounding Venus contain sulfuric acid.


matthew gowan (author)2010-10-11

All you need to do now is set up Magrathea producing custom planets for the discerning individual. Are you a mouse?

Waren-Neutron (author)2010-09-13

this is my job i have a insructables.
please add comments and rating my slides show.
thank you .

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