Creating Desktop Shortcut for Root Permissions in Ubuntu Linux


Introduction: Creating Desktop Shortcut for Root Permissions in Ubuntu Linux

create a desktop shortcut for root permissions in ubuntu linux so you dont need a terminal and you dont need to be logged in as root all the time. click your desktop icon,type your root password and your good to go.



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    if you use gksudo -k nautilus it should ask for your password each time.

    nice job though if i knew much about linux i prolly would know how to do this but still very helpful for noobs like me

    You can use gksu instead of gksudo. gksudo is just a symbolic link to gksu. (Just have a look into /usr/bin ). And you can fix the problem with the missing gtk-theme in nautilus and other programs (for example synaptic) you're running as root quite easily. Just copy the folder of your gtk-theme in ~/.themes to /usr/share/themes. You can do this with your root nautilus.

    greetings, Species ;)

    Did it in the time it took for you to do it on the video!