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welcome to My TuToRiAl !!

i made this graphic design for a contest.

Let's START!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

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2) logo

3) logo

4) prize box pic.

5) monitor and mouse clip art

6) anything else you see is good for the design

Step 2:

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first start by coloring the background choose two colors and use gradient tool

Step 3:

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start arrange the male and female avatars as you like and draw lines from the avatars to the logo of the and change the settings of the line to increase the spacing to make it like dotted !!

Step 4:

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1)add the monitor and mouse clip art or pic. as you like

2) add on the monitor any sign indicate editing(i added pen and brush tool )

Step 5:

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1) add a rectangle with any color you prefer i used grey and decreased the opacity to 80% , there is a better way to do this rectangle and will be looks better and that what i used a tool called ( pen tool ) if u know how to use it so use it better.

2) download any paint brush

3) add paintbrush tool

Step 6:

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1) add conveyor belt clip art and prize clip art and re-size them to be compatible with the whole design.

Step 7:

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1)add instructable logo

2) add lines between instructable logo and the monitor and the prize

Step 8:

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1) add arrows on all lines


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