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very small and very powerful knex pistol.(if you use the right rubber band)this is a simpler version of the other gun of its kind on this site.

Step 1: Pieces You'll Need

4 orange
7 light gray
1 red

1 yellow
1 blue

1 medium rubber band

Step 2: Make the Barrell

Picture of Make the Barrell

put 3 grey conectors on the yellow rod then slide an orange conector on then put on the other 4 grey pieces on.

Step 3: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

just put the pieces where they are in the picture

Step 4: The Ram Rod

Picture of The Ram Rod

this is the easiest step by far.

Step 5: Attaching the Rubber Band

Picture of Attaching the Rubber Band

put 1 side of the rubber band around the end of the yellow rod pull it around the orange piece on the ram rod then hook it on the yellow rod from the other side of the gun.


Darth Trainman (author)2007-07-12

You did read what we said about your previous gun, right? No more Block Triggers.

TigerNod (author)Darth Trainman2008-09-14

What is a block trigger?

a block trigger is a switch in the gun, that stops the ram rod from moving

Look at the date of my previous comment. September 2008. I found out what a block trigger is YEARS AGO.

oh yeah. lol.

Morngreim (author)Darth Trainman2007-11-17

Why? Block triggers are awesome.

Darth Trainman (author)Morngreim2007-11-18

*Sighs* *Hangs Self*

yea. block triggers suck and people like them.

Morngreim (author)Darth Trainman2007-11-18

Oh yeah! That is what I was hoping for!

Darth Trainman (author)Morngreim2007-11-20

LOL. A sense of Humor.

Metal4God (author)Darth Trainman2007-07-22

you have block triggers on ALL your guns trainmann2000 so STOP complaining

Darth Trainman (author)Metal4God2007-07-22

No. The guns i own use the block trigger system BUT the technical definition for a block trigger would be one which uses ONLY the block trigger system with no interesting or developed details.

He is right...Every single one...

Metal4God (author)Darth Trainman2007-07-22

STILL A BLOCK TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darth Trainman (author)Metal4God2007-08-02

and what have you done contributing to knex?

Metal4God (author)Darth Trainman2007-08-02

I'm trying to make a shotgun that takes shells and when you pump it thew shells come out and it has a true trigger

bowmaster (author)Darth Trainman2007-09-07

Get shot in the eye with one of this then talk!

Darth Trainman (author)bowmaster2007-09-08

Well, it would hurt, but most other guns would hurt more. And they're cooler.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-01-12

wow, I built this at least over a year ago and I still have it! I made it like a cork gun with a string attached to the bullet

busbythedog (author)2008-02-03

how is it suppose 2 fire wiv the orange thing on the end

StyleCore (author)busbythedog2008-04-01

your smart

cobra (author)busbythedog2008-02-06

this should be put in 'the list'

StyleCore (author)cobra2008-04-01


Ratchet and Clank (author)2008-01-04

horrible range, but good to hit your freinds at school.

Hockeypunk1152 (author)2007-12-22

this is freaking awesome . its so easy to make and works so good!!! A+

mirielle (author)2007-11-30

it may have already been posted a thousaned times. but hey its not our webspace hes using, so dont let it bother you. i personally reckon its a great little thing. perfect for easy concealement!

Mad Cat (author)2007-07-13

This gun is already here, along with 20 that are almost identical!

Are you just posting this to piss us off?

theKNEXfolo (author)Mad Cat2007-11-27



how do you do that

Metal4God (author)Metal4God2007-07-22

Cool I found out

Mepain (author)Mad Cat2007-07-13

Haha, I could read that from a mile away. Just curious, but did this whole oversized word thing originate from me? I mean ever since I posted comments with the headlines, I've seen people use them. After all, I was the first to post a comment with headlines, wasn't I?

Mad Cat (author)Mepain2007-07-14

Yep, that was from you. It was on ewilhems Orangeboard, wasn't it?

Mepain (author)Mad Cat2007-07-16

It was on the "how to make an instructable" instructable.

Morngreim (author)2007-11-17

Dude, this is smaller than the tiny torture. I made the handle a little easier to grip and put a blue piece onto the trigger and added an orange piece parallel to the trigger to block the ammo. Harder to load, but easier to conceal.

vapor25rocks (author)2007-11-12

build this gun i posted just click on my name

gunnerguy (author)2007-11-12

i made the same gun but with a few adjustments so its better.

gunnerguy (author)2007-11-11

lol soth park

theKNEXfolo (author)2007-09-30

and also ive made tons of these and they never get better no matter what so im begging for someone to make a TRUE small lil gun

theKNEXfolo (author)2007-09-18

cool looking but to me it needs to be BIGGER ijust dont like these small lil pistols

actafool (author)2007-09-10

But one does it shoot? Its pretty fagle.

slientbob (author)actafool2007-09-11

it is simple you pull back the pin to where it lockes onto the connector piece. then put a bullet aka small knex piece into the barrel then move the conntoe piece then bam you just shot kenny

actafool (author)2007-09-10

Dude cool gun I did it in like 2 mins!Cool looking to.

Pbyrd (author)2007-09-04

Dang! Didn't we tell people to stop posting mini guns and block triggers?

Bright Shadow (author)2007-09-01

kudos! awesome gun for its size!

gowfs07pstl (author)2007-08-16

u need to learn when to stop critizizin trainman

Jediwookie1 (author)2007-08-16

this gun is tiny but wic[]ked awsome!!!!!=]

Danny (author)2007-07-13

ahhhhhh!!! am i going insane??!!??!!

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