Introduction: Cricket

very small and very powerful knex pistol.(if you use the right rubber band)this is a simpler version of the other gun of its kind on this site.

Step 1: Pieces You'll Need

4 orange
7 light gray
1 red

1 yellow
1 blue

1 medium rubber band

Step 2: Make the Barrell

put 3 grey conectors on the yellow rod then slide an orange conector on then put on the other 4 grey pieces on.

Step 3: The Handle

just put the pieces where they are in the picture

Step 4: The Ram Rod

this is the easiest step by far.

Step 5: Attaching the Rubber Band

put 1 side of the rubber band around the end of the yellow rod pull it around the orange piece on the ram rod then hook it on the yellow rod from the other side of the gun.



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    You did read what we said about your previous gun, right? No more Block Triggers.

    17 replies

    What is a block trigger?

    a block trigger is a switch in the gun, that stops the ram rod from moving

    Look at the date of my previous comment. September 2008. I found out what a block trigger is YEARS AGO.

    Why? Block triggers are awesome.

    Oh yeah! That is what I was hoping for!

    you have block triggers on ALL your guns trainmann2000 so STOP complaining

    No. The guns i own use the block trigger system BUT the technical definition for a block trigger would be one which uses ONLY the block trigger system with no interesting or developed details.

    He is right...Every single one...

    STILL A BLOCK TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and what have you done contributing to knex?

    I'm trying to make a shotgun that takes shells and when you pump it thew shells come out and it has a true trigger

    Get shot in the eye with one of this then talk!

    Well, it would hurt, but most other guns would hurt more. And they're cooler.

    wow, I built this at least over a year ago and I still have it! I made it like a cork gun with a string attached to the bullet

    how is it suppose 2 fire wiv the orange thing on the end