Crossbow Mods





Introduction: Crossbow Mods

I turned this toy crossboy into a pin shooter it is really easy to make

Step 1: What You Need

what you need is the cross bow on the intro my little bro got it for his b-day a chopstick or one of my throwing spikes from my other instructable a pecil sharpener and a sharp knife

Step 2: Cut the Dart

the cross bow set come with 3 darts use the sharp knife to cut the front of the dart off there should be a little hold where u cut it off

Step 3: Sharpen the Chop Stick

use the pencil sharpener to sharpen the chop stick. if u dont have any chop sticks use one of my throwing spikes in my other insructable but bend the end all the way down so it can fit into the hole in the dart

Step 4: Loading

stick the chop stick or spike into the hole in the dart the stick the dart all the way into the bow then pull back the handle to load the bow

Step 5: Firing

just pull the trigger to fire,but be carful this could badly hurt someone so never aim at a person or can go buy some stryofoam to shoot into just make sure nobody gets hurt



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this is probaley lethal.....dont show the cops it!


Its been proven on the show ********** that a well aim crossbow/bow with a sharp enough point on its bolt/arrow and a shot into the jugular ( is that right) can kill a man/woman.

crossbows can kill even when you shoot someone in the leg or arm. they are ment to kill.

what? that makes no sense! think before posting! unless it s a kill shot it wont kill you. if you happen to be a leper it might...

Think about what the ammo is that this kid is using. If you hit in a place where there is a vital organ like the hart it will kill you. But hitting them in the arm or the leg, not so much unless you hit an artery and then they would bleed to death. BTW my post was talking about all crossbows in general (when I said that crossbows are meant to kill it was because that is there job, to kill not to just hurt someone) nowadays people are using razor tipped points that pierce and cut into the body so that it delivers more damage to the target with more bleeding (result to this is death) I could keep going on about this but when you read this you probably wouldnt care about what I was saying.

pats right, why the hell do you think they used crossbows in the olden days? for fun?