the last pic's are my sniper field stripped
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cool gun, but aaah! bad grammar! it's 'pics' not 'pic's', 'pins', not 'pin's', 'holes' not 'hole's', and 'pints' not 'pint's'! just because something ends in an 's', doesn't mean it needs an apostrophe, you only use one where something belongs to something, or in a contraction. don't mean to be rude, but that kinda thing makes me shudder.
Why do you have to be so annoying
"Just because something ends in an 's', doesn't mean it needs an apostrophe, you only use one where something belongs to something, or in a contraction."
SnapFitPieces(:, you owe me... (counting apostrophes...5 hours later.....)
You owe me 283 lines, boy!
weeeeeeewoooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewooooooooo you are the grammar police!!
No. I'm just against the decline of the internet into uncivilised, quick and dirty language. Quality standards are needed!
If you're going to correct him about grammar, perhaps you should capitalize the first letter of every sentence.
Heh, got me there, but I AM sick at the moment. Then There's The People Who Put A Capital At The Start Of Each Word, and that pisses me off too.
Well In That Case, Thats Just The Way i Roll. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I 'roll' my own way.
ironman69 (author)  j-chode!7 years ago
HA nice one!! lol
look a language arts teacher /\ | |
Nahh, I'm just 16. That kinda thing just makes me shudder, that's all. Respect for the language and all.
ironman69 (author)  agent harmsy7 years ago
......OK thanks for the grammar lesson -_-
Also, I thought you would have pointed out that it is actually 'points' instead of 'pints'.
mahmel4 years ago
I like the stock mechanism.
thats a huge crossbow!!!
gtrain5 years ago
wat sniper is that meant to be?
hockeyhere6 years ago
those are insane but post the crosbow
tomboyRme17 years ago
POST! the sniper
Guardians386 years ago
O M G POST THE SNIPER!!!!!!! please?
and that crossbow please !!!
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
wow man that crosbow looks goodand that sniper to , please post that crossbow and how far does that crossbow shoot ?
TigerNod6 years ago
The crossbow looks very good, the sniper looks AWESOME! It looks like an improved version of the SR-v1. Stock looks awesome too! Please post BOTH! PS: Did you made that scope from knex?
ironman69 (author)  TigerNod6 years ago
Its a real scope
Let me guess, a 4X15 Daisy air rifle scope?
this is awesome! please post both of them. p.s. i am posting my sniper at the moment...
shotgun and sniper 005.JPG
Nice! Slingshot or bolt-action? I think it would look even better with a longer barrel and a not-so-bulky design.
its neither - its firing pin action!
You mean, like no mag?
bolt action is where you pull a bolt back and then push it back forward to load the ammo
can you post the trigger mech of the crossbow?
J Moneyman6 years ago
how did u get the scope on there?
he man how the cross bow shoot
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