Introduction: Crossbow/bow

simple crossbow/ bow made of stuff i found around the house.

Step 1: Materals

ok heres the simple materals you will need to construct this dangerous weapon.

11-yellow Knex

1 yellow axel Knex

1- rubberband

however many bamboo squers that u want for ammo

Step 2: This Step Is Quite Easy Just Like All of the Otheres Will Be

attach all of the yellow conectors to the yellow axel

Step 3: Rubberband Time

attack the rubber band around the kenx so it looks like it dose in the pictures

also put the rubber band up onto one side so it is on the axel as seen in pic 2

Step 4: Incerting the Ammo

this is very simple all you need to do is put the dull end of the bamboo squer into the circular part of the 11 kenx

Step 5: 5

the dull end should go smothely through all 11 connecters.
it should look like this when it goes all the way through

Step 6: Fun Part

now heres how you fire this deadly weapon

pull the dull end as ar back as u dare so the rubber band wont snap

then aim...... and swosh fire!

Step 7: Ideas

firing the weapon at a card board box is a good target

to have a little more fun you could soak the sharp tips in some flamable liquis and light it so you have a flaming arrow

ill put in a vidio later



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Epic, epic, epic, epic, epic fail.
Look kid, if it could penetrate a 6mm foam sheet, I wouldnt make any comment..
Yours faithfully.

 gameboy7oa is not responsible for : burnt houses,burnt people, bodily harm and/or burnt buttocks.

Just pointing something out here this is not a crossbow unlees it has an ammo holder and a trigger for realease.

your thinking of a repeating crossbow made by the chineese.

Not all crossbows have ammo holders but still not a crossbow

Or a BOW (hence crossBOW).

Bows use the power of a the bows limbs to send the arrow. FAIL Crossbows are the same but use a trigger. FAIL Slingshots use a rubberband or elastic material CORRECT! just thought i would let you know it is neither Bow or Crossbow

Just a bit of advice could you please next time when the photos get taken, allow the camera a little bit longer for focusing because the photos aren't focused properly and it would greatly increase your demonstration. But it was a good idea in the first place.