Picture of crowd control barrier
Take control of those crowds and paparazzi at your events with your own barriers.
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Step 1: End result

Picture of end result
OK so my version is not quite as tough as the front page.  But it will do our job!  I'm making this to help with a kids' run.  This barrier will help us keep the "paparazzi parents" back from the finish line. 

Step 2: Materials & tools

Picture of materials & tools
1.50" PVC pipe
Plastic Bowls

Garden Trowel
Scrap Plastic (ie lid to ice cream tub) Saw
Concrete  Drill & Large Bit
Duct Tape Wire Cutters
Sandpaper Pliers
Wire – around 10-14 guage  
Acetone (optional)   

Step 3: Tape pvc fitting to bottom of bowl

Picture of tape pvc fitting to bottom of bowl

Step 4: Cover open end of pvc fitting

Picture of cover open end of pvc fitting
All the bowls have the fittings taped into them.  And also i have cut some plastic discs to sit on top of the pipe openings.  Then finally some tape is holding those plastic discs to the fittings.  Purpose is so the bottom of the hole is neat when we are done. 

Step 5: Prepare some reinforcing wire

Picture of prepare some reinforcing wire

Step 6: Place wires into bowl and and cement

Picture of place wires into bowl and and cement
I'm not sure if the wire is really recommended - but I thought it might help...   The springy shaped wires are in each bowl ready to receive concrete.

Step 7: Remove concrete from molds

Picture of remove concrete from molds

Step 8: Insert 36" pvc poles and attach linkage

Picture of insert 36
oldalgebra1 year ago


Do you recall where you purchased your bowls.

What is the approximate diameter and depth of the bowls?

It seems to me, if the coupler piece inside the cement stays put, then the bowls would too. So, I'm wondering, did the hardened cement drop right out of the bowls or did you have to crack the bowls off in pieces?

Thank you for showing this tutorial. It has been very helpful.

How much did this project cost approx? How much time did you invest? How heavy are the barriers? Nice work by the way!
bobzjr (author)  prostanchions2 years ago
My finished barriers included a 1/4" ply base attached with liquid nails. Final weight is 8.1 pounds each. That doesn't sound like much - but it "feels" very right.
bobzjr (author)  prostanchions2 years ago
I forgot you might want to include some cost for barrier tape - use plastic instead of crepe paper. If it rains that crepe is toast! Just saw on amazon for $8 for 1,000 foot roll. You probably won't use that up right away.
bobzjr (author)  prostanchions2 years ago
Thanks much. The cost was approximately $40, but I already had some of the materials. My rough breakdown:
$8 (2) 10 foot 1.5" pvc
$5 50lbs fast set quickrete
$6 (6) bowls
$6 (6) pvc fittings
$5 optional plywood
$5 optional liquid nails
$5 optional paint
$40 total but I'm sure could be done for less.
chobbs19572 years ago