Introduction: Crumpled Paper Duct Taped Stool

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have a lot of useless paper and don't know what to do? why not make a stool from those papers?

here is a stool(kinda) make of papers(mostly maths test paper) and wrapped with duct tape to reinforce it.

Step 1: Materials

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materials: 1) papers
                   2)plastic bag
                   3)duct tape

Step 2: Get Moving

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crumple all the papers and fill the plastic bag with all the crumpled paper.

Step 3: Wrapping

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after filling the plastic bag, press the papers to make it more tidy. then tie it up to prevent papers from coming out.

after that, wrap the whole thing with duct tape to make it stronger.

Step 4: Sit Down and Relax

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after you're done wrapping you can sit on it and admire your wonderful work.

other than putting your ass on it, you can put your legs on it too.


CoolHat17 (author)2010-11-26

This would be a great idea for a homeless person/ traveler! Great job! :DDDD

kcy (author)CoolHat172010-11-26

yes, its easy to make and easy to bring. thanks for the comment :)

Mr. Potato Head (author)2010-11-22

This is a joke, right?

kcy (author)Mr. Potato Head2010-11-23

well, everybody like joke right?

handprints (author)2010-11-23

I like it!

kcy (author)handprints2010-11-23

thanks, appreciate it as this is my first instructable. :)

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