Picture of crystal geode out of borax and ect.
 Are you a rock or crystal lover? have you ever wanted to grow some crystal geode for less than 5.00$? now you can make crystal geode out of clay and borax! 

NOTE: do not eat borax!!!    and this is first my instructable                                                       


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Step 1: Things you need:

Picture of things you need:
air dry clay , borax , water ,kettel 

Step 2: Sculpt your geode with clay

 sulpt geode with clay but make sure you put food coloring with it! (any color)

Step 3: If you want you want to make your geode more realistic

 your geode will look kinda like  your color with spots with white in the back round. In the core of the geode add more food coloring in it. With your gloves on rub food coloring until it covers the whole core. 

note: add more food coloring if you need to 

Step 4: Let it dry in sun-light

 let it dry until very hard
it takes three days for it to dry rock hard

Step 5: Solution

Picture of solution
after three days pour borax in geode

Step 6: After boil let kettel sit for five mins

Picture of after boil let kettel sit for five mins
 it will melt your geode after 5 mins it wont

Step 7: Pour

Picture of pour
pour water into geode

Step 8: Let it sit for 5 hours

Picture of let it sit for 5 hours

Step 9: Done after all that

 decorate in room or house

Step 10: All done

Picture of all done