Crystals of Potassium Dichromite





Introduction: Crystals of Potassium Dichromite

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Crystals are the purest form of a substance. Usually it has a nice shine (i.e., lustrous qualities) and it has nice geometric design. Crystals are beautiful to look at.

Here i have made the crystals of Potassium Dichromite (K2Cr2O7). They are red in color and has a good shine.

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Yes, Sodium dichromate crystals can be cancerous to your health but sealing them in thick clear Mineral spirits, etc can work very well. I electroplate things in a solution of potassium chloride and sodium dichromate solution with stainless steel bolts. Here is some results it looks beautiful (a rusty gold yellow color).

Dear @Charlie_Szasz,
I'll upload the instructable later, it is very easy to make and is not too time consuming
and @SHIFT . Actually i did this experiment in a lab and camera was prohibited there so i was unable to get any new pictures.
I am going to publish an instructable. The jewelery idea is really creative, thanks for the suggestion.

suspend the crystals in glass or epoxy...should keep toxic things from touching you

Where's the instructable to go with this explanation for what a crystal is?

Where do the other replies get the jewellery idea from??

I feel like this instructable has the potential to be truly amazing, if you would only please post more pictures. Do you have any other images of your crystals besides being in a bag? Have you ever tried creating jewelery from them?

Sure chromium creates some pretty compounds (hence the name), but those compounds should stay well away from living things, that stuff is incredibly toxic.