Picture of cube lube
in this wonderfull instructable i will teach you to lube a rubik's cube.
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Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of gather supplies
for this instructable you will need:

1 rubik's cube in need of a lube

1 drinking straw (not the big kind) the bend doesn't matter.

some petroleum jelly
a towel (optional) if you dont use it your rubiks cube will be slicker than snot.

Step 2: Set up cube..

Picture of set up cube..
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turn the top and bottom layers one half a rotation.

Step 3: May the force be with you.

insert straw into the jelly, when you remove the straw there should be jelly inside it. if you are using a towell wipe the straw, be carefull not to get the jelly out of the straw. insert straw intow the cube, (between the cornerpiece and the center piece. squeeze the straw so that the jelly goes into the cube.

Step 4: Repeat step 3

repeat step 3 for each corner, then rotate the left and right halfway. repeat step 3 for each corner.

Step 5: Work it!

Picture of work it!
turn the cube rapidly in all directions working the jelly into all the working mechanisms.

Step 6: Record your best times

leave a comment with how much time you can solve the cube in. or a video. can you beet my time, i bet you can if you try.