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Introduction: Cuddly Cthulhu Amigurumi

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So cute!  So evil!  So confusing!

A crocheted great old one to keep your teddy bears, um, company.  Crochets up quick using odd balls of yarn you've got laying around.   A fun, easy present for all ages.

I wrote this pattern.  Feel free to make as many Cthulhu amigurumi as you like; give them to friends, family, disaster victims, etc.  However, the license is "non-commercial" so please, please, please don't start selling my design on etsy or at conventions.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Random yarn.  I used some acrylic worsted weight I bought at a yard sale ages ago, but you could use just about anything of roughly that gauge.  I used a medium green and a dark celery sort of color.

A size 00  and 0 steel hook for a nice, tight gauge.

fiber fill

A small dowel or paintbrush handle (to use as a helping hand for the tentacles)

a yarn needle for sewing on apendages

plastic safety eyes

acrylic paint (dark red, bright red, black, white)

tiny paint brush

clear non-yellowing nail polish ("top coat")

Helpful crochet supplies: row markers, kacha-kacha row counter, measuring tape.

Step 2: Paint the Eyes

For little projects, I love citadel colour acrylics.  They're very smooth, matte, and opaque.  I gave the whole eye a dark red base coat.  Next, I painted the iris flare in with a bright red.  An asterisk shape works well for this.  Once dry, I painted in big, limpid pupils.  Some reflective dots done in white finish them off.

3-5 coats of shiny nail polish top coat protects your paint job and gives them a "wet" finish. 

Make sure to use safety eyes if you're planning on giving this to a kid.

Step 3: Crochet the Head and Body

Use your main color and 00 steel hook.

R1: Chain (Ch) 2, 6 single crochet (sc) in 2nd chain from hook.

R2: 2 sc in each sc around (12 st)

R3: *sc 1, then 2 sc in next sc.*, repeat 6 times. (18 stitches)

R4:  *sc 2, then 2 sc in next sc.*, repeat 6 times. (24 stitches)

R5-6: sc 24.

R7: *sc 3, then 2 sc in next sc.* repeat 6 times. (30 stitches)

R8-9: sc 30.

R10: *sc 3, decrease (dec) 1,* repeat 6 times (24 stiches)

R11: sc 24

R12: *sc 2, dec 1,* repeat 6 times (18 stitches)


R13: *sc 1, dec 1*, repeat 6 times (12 stitches)


R14-16: sc 12

R17: *sc 1, then 2 sc in next sc.*, repeat 6 times. (18 stitches)

R18-19: sc 18

R20: *sc 1, dec 1*, repeat 6 times (12 stitches)


R21: *sc 1, dec 1*, repeat 6 times (6 stitches)

R22:  sc 1, dec 2

Bind off, sew in ends.

Step 4: Crochet Legs and Arms

Use contrast color and 00 steel hook.

Start with a slip loop. 

R1: sc 4 into loop.  Tighten loop.

R2: 2 sc into each sc around (8 stitches), then slip stitch to complete the round.  This should make a nice, flat circle.

Switch to main color.

R3: sc into back loops only of R2.  (8 stitches)

R4+:  sc1, dec 1 until only one stitch remains.  Shove yarn ends in cone to stuff as you go.

The finished shape should be a cone with a flat bottom. 

Make 4.  Sew 2 onto the bottom of the body as legs, keep 2 as arms.  We'll sew them on later.

Step 5: Tentacles!

You'll be making 5 tentacles.  These are kind of tricky. I used a 0 steel hook; one size smaller than I used for the body.  I also stuck a skinny paintbrush handle in the center while I worked the rounds; it prevented me from accidentally crocheting the tentacle shut. 

Start with a slip loop. 

ch 3 into loop, tighten loop.

1 sc in each ch around.  Repeat until tentacle is approx. 1" long.  It's okay if it's not exact.

Bind off. 

I had one that was about 1 1/4", two that were 1 1/8", and two that were 1" on the nose.  I sewed the longest in center of the bottom row, then sewed the mid-length ones on either side.  I sewed the two short tentacles on the top row.

Step 6: Sew on Arms

Now that your tentacles are on, you can sew on the arms.

Step 7: Crochet the Wings

The wings are essentially a hexagon motif with only 5 ribs instead of 6.  This makes a 4 point "wing."

I used a 00 steel hook and the contrast color.

Start with a slip loop.

R1:  ch3 (turn chain,) then 4 dc into loop.  Tighten loop.

FLIP WORK so you are working into the last stitch you completed. 

R2: ch3 (turn chain,) *2 dc in stitch, then ch 1,* repeat 3 times, then 2 dc in last stitch.


R3: ch 3 (turn chain,) dc in next stitch, * 2 dc in ch, ch 3, 2 dc in ch, dc 2* repeat 4 times.

Bind off.  Pinch corners to create "batwing" shape.  Sew the two wings together.  Sew to body, and weave in excess yarn.

Step 8: CUDDLE!!!!!

Cuddle with Cthulhu or give him away to a good home.  




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    it´s adorable!
    better idea for tentacles...make chain as long as needed and in second row make two SC in each stich. it will make cute curly tentacles :)

    1 reply

    I actually really like the straight tentacles; I had seen curly ones on octopus and squid amigurumi, but wasn't crazy about them. But if you like the curly ones, awesome!

    finally finished!!! Thank you so much or tutorial!

    Looks like you missed the dec rounds after stuffing. Rd 21 and 22 are dec rounds for the body.

    my body just turned ou to be like a little beanie ? It didn't dip in for the torso.


    Wicked! Going to email this to a friend that'll love it.


    Unspeakably adorable!