Cuddly Calico Kitty





Introduction: Cuddly Calico Kitty

For this calico kitty, I used some wonderful soft and fluffy Patons Divine and JoAnn Fabrics Sensations brand yarns. I like working with these yarns because the finished product barely looks crocheted--it looks more like faux fur : ) The eyes and whiskers are hand-knotted and the tail stands up by itself--I used a smaller crochet hook for the tail to get the stitches nice and tight so I couldn't have to wire it to stay upright.

I didn't use a pattern to design this kitty--it's my own original design, and it's stuffed with polyfil.

Thanks for taking a peek!



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    this is awesome. will you be doing an instructable because i sure would love to make this.
    thanks so much for sharing.

    Niceeeeee! I agree with the others who want the pattern ;) If you won't do it, my comment is "it's the same a cute and beautiful work" :)


    I've made severl kitty purses using a "Leisure Arts" pattern and I have to say, your kitty is so much better!  You're proportions are so realistice.  If you ever make a pattern you should definitely sell it!  I would buy it!


    Thanks so much, Debi! I have been seriously considering learning how to pattern. So many people have told me that I should, and I've just been winging it for 12 years now, so it's probably about time for me to learn how to do it :)

    Can't you share how have you done it exactly? It looks awsome!

    Thanks a bunch! I've freehand crocheted my whole life, but I have recently taught myself how to pattern this month, and finished patterns for two of my animals so far (an elephant and a peacock), so they'll be available in my etsy shop early next month. (I'm having someone test the patterns for me now.) I've had a lot of requests for the calico cat pattern, so that one may be next on my list :)

    I've tried to do patterns while I'm crocheting things myself.  I get so far but when I get to the parts that require much thought and I'm in the midst of my creative storm, the pattern goes out the window!  lol. 

    Love this kitty!  Very nice work