Current Progress on a K'nex Steam Locomotive (test)





Introduction: Current Progress on a K'nex Steam Locomotive (test)

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hello peoples, I'm actually making a steam locomotive that you might be able to make, it takes up less pieces than kairah's T.N.K.I.T. entry.



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    here's a tip for all you k'nexers out there that want to create a steam locomotive model, try having the point where the pistons attached to the wheels be 90degrees apart anstead of 180 degrees, it makes for a more realistic train, and it prevents wheel jamming

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    I always use 45-degree (a light-grey, two-way connector).

    better yet, have 3 sets of wheels, because it makes it ever harder for the wheel to missalign and start countering each other

    Awesome! A suggestion would be to take of the grip on the wheels to make it more realistic. :-)

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    tried, the problem is that I can't find a way for the wheels to all the the same height (if you looked at the video, behind the piston is a small wheel, that's where my height problems stem from) and it was cannibalized(taken apart to build other things, sorry for all the definitions, I do that a LOT).

    Yeah, the new train of mine is finished- pics up in a bit- this is the articulated one!

    yay there should be three different kinds of trains on the 'ibles market now! YAY!!!!

    I already have plans to use the chassis of my current train, and after I have uploded the ible, a diesel engine might come along, then perhaps a carriage, and a unversal coupling system, and what d'ya know..... a whole train!