Curved Cabinets Automotive Finish.





Introduction: Curved Cabinets Automotive Finish.

I made these cabinets for a woman living in downtown LA. She went to Barcelona and the gaudi house, and wanted a more modern look to cabinets in her studio the client loved the curves of gaudi design.
The build:

Photo #2  I marked the full profile of the cabinets on 1/2" plywood then cut out the template with a band saw, then used a belt sander so smooth out the rough edges, from this I could lay out the door profile.
I used 3/4" kerf  board for the doors and clamp it to the form.
at first I used a vacuum press to the door but the trial door cupped even with little vacuum pressure.

Phono  #3 So I went with clamps

photo #4 door fits form with no spring back and face of the door needs a very light sanding with 220grit sand paper.

photo #5 putting all the boxes together took a little time 

photo #6 is a pdf drawing I gave to the client she picked drawing #2

Photo #7 the finished side, I put high gloss plastic laminate behind the cut out outs



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    What type of paint did you use? Acrylic or waterbased paint?

    It was basically resin pigment and solvent.

    Then rubbed out with compound, buffed and waxed.

    I had an auto repair company apply the paint.

    Which auto repair company did you have apply the paint? I'd love to have my cabinet doors refinished like that.

    Wonderful. I've a curved wall  in my apartment that always wanted to cover with some curved cabinets like this ones. How did you that?