Curvy Bike





Introduction: Curvy Bike

build a sweet curvy bike by extending your favorite beach cruiser

Step 1: Cut the Headseat Off a Beach Cruiser and Then Extend the Frame

use a pipe bender to continue the lines then make some custom handlebars



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    I wasn't even looking for this and i'm not the one too idly browse - I gotta hand it to you, AWESOME

    This is crazy, in a good way!

    Yes, it's cool, but the disadvantage of handlebars that far back is that it makes it incredibly hard to steer. You would have to shift your arms about 3 feet to one side to turn the front weel 15 degrees,.

    You don't really need to turn the wheel more than. The first thing you learn as a competitive cyclist is NOT to steer with the handlebars. Steer by leaning into the turn, the wheel will automatically compensate. The exception would be with highly technical trail riding, which I don't imagine you would try anytime soon with this imaginative ride.

    AH Hahahaha ! Winner !

    Wait! Not the Lance Armstrong?  ; ]
    Just looked up your Wikipedia page and, yeah, you're a well known competitive cyclist! You have an inspiring story, mate. My brother was a national mountain biking champ, but even he doesn't have a wikipedia page...

    Hi Lance- I'll have to start working on those beef jerky pants. Thanks for the tip. (sirloin tip?) I know this is off topic, but... I met you once, before you were an international superstar. I doubt you would remember me. It was at the Anaheim Duathlon in 1990 or 1991. I was just a fast age-grouper, but I was amazed at your athleticism. If I remember, you announced at that race that you would be retiring from multi-sport and taking up cycling full-time. I have been cheering you on ever since. I was even at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta yelling "allez, allez!" I have often told people that you are not only a world-class cyclist, but an elite swimmer and runner, as well! It has been great watching your incredible career. Thanks for all your great work promoting cancer awareness. It is an issue very close to our family. David

    maybe you could add some more details, i love custom bikes, can anyone give my tips on how to build a chooper style thing out of an old BMX?

    Put on a bigger front fork, a smaller back wheal, and ape hanger handle bars.