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build a sweet curvy bike by extending your favorite beach cruiser

Step 1: Cut the Headseat Off a Beach Cruiser and Then Extend the Frame

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use a pipe bender to continue the lines then make some custom handlebars


feeblington (author)2013-01-26

I wasn't even looking for this and i'm not the one too idly browse - I gotta hand it to you, AWESOME

Beauceron (author)2012-01-14

This is crazy, in a good way!

bean_machine (author)2006-05-28

Yes, it's cool, but the disadvantage of handlebars that far back is that it makes it incredibly hard to steer. You would have to shift your arms about 3 feet to one side to turn the front weel 15 degrees,.

whiteoakart (author)bean_machine2007-03-09

You don't really need to turn the wheel more than. The first thing you learn as a competitive cyclist is NOT to steer with the handlebars. Steer by leaning into the turn, the wheel will automatically compensate. The exception would be with highly technical trail riding, which I don't imagine you would try anytime soon with this imaginative ride.

As a well known competitive cyclist myself I would have to agree.

I would also sugest following instructable to help with those long distance protin cravings.

You might even be able to convert the center area into a drying rack.

Well done.

AH Hahahaha ! Winner !

Wait! Not the Lance Armstrong?  ; ]
Just looked up your Wikipedia page and, yeah, you're a well known competitive cyclist! You have an inspiring story, mate. My brother was a national mountain biking champ, but even he doesn't have a wikipedia page...

Hi Lance- I'll have to start working on those beef jerky pants. Thanks for the tip. (sirloin tip?) I know this is off topic, but... I met you once, before you were an international superstar. I doubt you would remember me. It was at the Anaheim Duathlon in 1990 or 1991. I was just a fast age-grouper, but I was amazed at your athleticism. If I remember, you announced at that race that you would be retiring from multi-sport and taking up cycling full-time. I have been cheering you on ever since. I was even at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta yelling "allez, allez!" I have often told people that you are not only a world-class cyclist, but an elite swimmer and runner, as well! It has been great watching your incredible career. Thanks for all your great work promoting cancer awareness. It is an issue very close to our family. David

I smell bacon (author)2008-03-25

maybe you could add some more details, i love custom bikes, can anyone give my tips on how to build a chooper style thing out of an old BMX?

edina2015 (author)I smell bacon2011-10-21

Put on a bigger front fork, a smaller back wheal, and ape hanger handle bars.

This is SUPER late, but I did that a few years ago with 2 bmx's, just cut the forks off em, then extend them. Use a tyre 1 size smaller for the front and there you go!

Wow, that is kinda late, I can't even remember posting that comment. Thanks anyway though.

abadfart (author)2010-08-05

i want to make a bike to put a chainsaw engine with a small enough engine i can ride it as a bike

zeroemission (author)2008-03-11

nice fabrication. how about a custom paint job now & maybe some trick wheels like 144 spokers or $$$ billet aluminum? even a can or two of spraypaint can take that bike up a few notches, but it would be nice to see it with a wild paint job. is it a work in progress? if so, great start. ride on!

organizm987 (author)2007-07-29

cool very descriptive ;D

whiteoakart (author)2007-07-07

Hi bgoldin- I like this. I have been thinking of concocting something for our local parade. This would be a great start. I will be sure to credit you! And I'll post an image of the final product.

hanelyp (author)2006-12-17

I'm torn between 'how kewl' and 'what a horridly engineered frame'.

ARVash (author)hanelyp2007-06-24

so true.. ;__;

AlbinoBlackSheep (author)2007-06-20

judging by the picture, you're really constipated. and why are you wearing a sweatshirt and shorts?

inevitable_chaos (author)2007-01-01

Where's the Instruct in this Instructable?

lol its very simple. simply bend the frame and add some handlebars. nothing to it.

Primitive Archer (author)2006-10-01

Woah the riegns would be so unstable! You'd have to use metal. Reigns would only be practical if it had two front wheels.

Unless the frame had a slack head tube angle for a lot of trail (not to be confused with rake) -- this will make the wheel tend to ride straight. This is why you can ride without holding the handle bars on some bikes -- bit not other bikes ;)

jsburakoff (author)2006-10-20

If you had a center return spring... and perfect balance.... It'd work fine, until you tried to turn, then, unless you had a TON of practice, you'd fall down. Biking long distances on that, even straight forward, would be terrible. You'd have all sorts of stress just sitting upright without support.

georgemiles (author)2006-10-04

riegns would work fine if you had a center return spring

Toulouse (author)2006-08-19

well, this is not a tutorial, neither is it step by step. so basically this tells you absolutely nothing. by the way this is quite common so it's nothing new.

bubbasoft (author)2006-06-20

I recommend replacing the handlebars with a strait bar, then attaching reigns (like on a horse).

bigpeeler (author)2006-02-04

You ever take it off any sweet jumps?

PSPerson (author)bigpeeler2006-05-06

bigpeeler says: You ever take it off any sweet jumps? Can I try?

PSPerson (author)bigpeeler2006-05-06

Can I Try?

boxmonkey (author)bigpeeler2006-03-01


Caya (author)2005-09-20

Ok, that's clear as mud. What am I supposed to use for pipes? How do I attach them? Do I have to weld? How do I bend them into curves? Etc, etc-

foxxtrot (author)Caya2006-01-17

Well, you can see the welds on the frame, so it appears welding is necessary. There is a relevant Instructable on bending pipe available now, just Explore for How to bend tubing. Also, this user has an Instructable entitled "my bitching ride" which included more details. I agree though, this really shouldn't be used to show off projects, it should be used to tell people how to do things.

unterhausen (author)2005-12-13

where's the tandem version?

neb (author)2005-11-06

A curvy bike needs a curvy girl for marketing this limited edition beach cruiser. Where's the looks shaky from the set of your jaw:)

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