Adding borders on your digital pictures is just a click away, but there’s an easy way to create your own border effect with your analog camera.

There are no limitations to the type of borders you can create, and this technique will work on any analog camera. I used the Diana F+ medium format camera, as it has a large exposure area and comes with exposure frames already which are easy to modify. The same method can be applied to 35mm film cameras, the frame will just be a little smaller to match the exposure area.

I made a few different types of borders for my camera and swapped them out between rolls of film. Making your own custom film photography borders is easy. Let's make!

Step 1: 3 ways to make borders

My analogue camera came with plastic frames that fit inside the exposure bay, but it’s not required. If your camera doesn’t come with frames you can make borders fit over the exposure area for your film camera, approximate where needed and trim to fit.

Here's 3 different methods for making custom borders.

Method 1:
I traced the frame boundary on cardstock with a pencil, and then cut out the cardstock. Next, I sketched a 2-3mm (1/8”) interior offset from the frame with pencil and cut out that offset. Using sharp scissors, I shredded a portion of the interior of the cardstock frame. It’s okay if you make mistakes here or if your cuts are messy, it just adds to the effect.

Method 2:
I cut strips of cardstock about 2-3mm (1/8”) wide, then cut along one lengthwise edge using crazy craft scissors (I used a wave pattern). These strips were then taped onto the frame and trimmed to fit inside the camera.

Method 3:
If you aren’t a fan of cutting you can try just tearing a hole in cardstock and fitting that over your exposure plate (no progress shots in this step, see final pictures to see results).

Be creative with your borders and experiment with different materials and methods.
great idea if this was the 80's, who uses film anymore.
Exactly! And who uses analog watches when digital watches are so snazzy! And who builds their own circuits when robots can do that for you...and who uses fire when we have nuclear power...and...sorry, getting tired.
I must use it,Cool!
love this the one i like the most would probably be the torn cause you can se the little fibers of paper

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