My latest gaming rig - }ENJOY{.

- Case. powercool gaming chassis.
- Cpu. amd fx 6100 3.2ghz processor.
- Cpu Cooling. sylthe ninja coper core.
- Mobo. asrock 870 extreme r2.0 .
- Ram. 16gb kingston hyper x blue 1600mhz ram.
- Graphics. msi 6870 hawk .
- Hard Drives. adata s510 120gb ssd sata 6gbs.
- Seagate barracuda 7200 1tb.
- Wd green 500gb.
- Psu. 750w evo labs chronos modular power supply.
- Screen. ikasu 26 inch tv 1080p 1920x1080 res.
- Sound. creative sb audigy 2.
- Speakers. easy touch et-273 5.1 surround sound.
- Optical Drives. ihas124 stata dvd rw.
- Case Fans. 3 120mm Arctic f12 1 280mm side blue case fan connected to a four way controller. 
- Case Mods. took out the mesh side and front and replaced them with plexiglass tagged in photos
- Operating System. windows 7 64 bit gamers edition (undeadcrows)

Hope you enjoy it as much as i had building it comment, rate....... 


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im not a big fan of the case, but the inside looks epic!<br>you should get some LED fans for the CPU and northbridge, etc, it would look really awesome.<br><br>(unless you already got LED fans for those)
thanks for your comments i was thinking of geting a new case any suggestions ?<br>
hmm well im not sure i have any other than something like the antec 300 or a cooler master or nvidia case, (im not exactly case savvy) but i would definitely opt for a case that has availability for fans by the hard drives and a fan in the back. <br>my desktop's case has direct intake for the cpu from the side of the case, ive found it helped with the temperatures a bit. <br>theres lots of cases out there, im sure theres one that will suit your visual and physical needs if this one doesnt already. <br> <br>the only thing i dont really like about the case (but this is just my opinion) is the bmw headlights and stuff on the front, in my opinion it makes the case look a bit tacky. but dont let my tastes change yours, if you like the case theres no reason to replace it.
i will upgrade my case at some piont i only opted for this one when i was building was it was cheap and in buget i think im guna get a cool master one in the future and will post pics when im building it for an instuctie and the finished product<br><br>

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