here are some customs that I made recently. I had a bunch of lego guns lying around and I was bored, so here they are! note that every weapon has been modified in some way, and they are all glued so that they are one piece (minus the stun gun). some of them I haven't properly named yet, so I would be happy to accept any name suggestions.
DaveDude127 months ago
Epic custom stuff i like the gory murdered weapon
As a Lego purist, I scoff at the idea of cut and paste. Scoff!
how do you do a slide show?
One. (author)  bob the slob4 years ago
when you click on the publish button, it gives you a list of stuff that you can do, and one of those options is "publish a slideshow"
i cant find the publish button on the screen any where!
top right corner
Taiga06093 years ago
how do you cut the guns? btw, it looks great!
One. (author)  Taiga06093 years ago
I just cut them with the cutting part of a pair of pliers and sand them with some fine sandpaper
meganelson3 years ago
great guns
meganelson3 years ago
i never posted any thing ever
nfk113 years ago
i know the red gun of awsomeness should be a bloody pistol you stick in zombies.and put a knife on it.that would be awsome
8 should be an allongated barrel grenade launcher
neo-sky3 years ago
i think i see a laser rifle
One. (author)  neo-sky3 years ago
which one?
neo-sky One.3 years ago
or mayby ice?
neo-sky One.3 years ago
slide # 11
For cutting my legos (which i have NEVER accomplished), I get a saw a try to cut it. It hurts when you don't have gloves (they were only a couple of slices on my hands). I'll try using some pliers with a cutting tool.

One. (author)  the wwii gunner3 years ago

don't forget your sediment shaped sediment
neo-sky3 years ago
slide 10 could be blunderbuss
One. (author)  neo-sky3 years ago
nice idea! will be its name
neo-sky One.3 years ago
cool thx 4 useing my idea
seabananers4 years ago
what do you use to cut these thing ive tried a few different things and it hasnt worked yet
One. (author)  seabananers4 years ago
I use a set of wire clippers, and you cut it about a millimeter away from where you want the cut to be, then sand it down to get it nice and precise.
seabananers4 years ago
awesome gun sword i have a book callled arms and armmor and it looks alot like the real thing
One. (author)  seabananers4 years ago
thats the exact same book i got it from!
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
dawsonj has come out of hiding
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY4 years ago
Yeah, I know! I haven't posted anything for ages *_*
viagra maybe lol
FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
me neither