Custom Made Ghostbusters Backpacks




Introduction: Custom Made Ghostbusters Backpacks

i was asked to make 2 proton packs, ok i said
you have one week i was told
i wont say what i said next...... but it was along the lines of
" one week is not long enough to build a proton pack, or any number of things, a fortnight at least is required"
but since it was for my mum to wear i obliged and said i 'd knock somthing together.
last night i finished 2 ghost busters bags with slightly proton looking styles.

any fans out there who say ive done it wrong on the logo..................pre-emptive retort...i was working from memory and noticed when i checked that i missed the ghosts left hand

used 2 backpacks and a lot of plastic based paints.
lots of fun even on a time scale, need to finish one more by thursday and make some pistols...........aaggh...oh well its my mum what can i do but comply.



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