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Introduction: Custom Truck

custom truck with rims and body from my warhead evo gas powered truck beacause i got a new body for it so i took it for my knex and biuld the beast of a truck out of the body

Step 1: Base of the Truck

this is the bottom of the truck

Step 2: All of the Sides of the Truck

this has front back and side to side

Step 3: Rims and Other Pictures



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That's sweet guys check out my KNEX truck it's 4x4 remote control with steering it's awesome I've also built a remote control roll back

thanks you rock.

Looks Great ! Ive had a EVO for about 2+ years. Ive only Ran about 5 Tank through Her. I hope To play with Her this weeken. Ive just been to busy. Ive read so Much bad stuff about the Evo.Im not Saying the truck is bad because I havent played with it Much , BUT, I Dont plan on Bashing it. In My opion , I dont care What truck , or how much You spend ,....Just like a Real truck , If You abuse it , Things are going to break or go wrong. Please , Post more if You can . I Think Yours Look's Great ...and Strong .

i have an evo to my keeps onbreaking but not because i bash it. we bout it used so it was not as good as a new one. the only reson the evo botdy is on this is beause the old owner painted it and i got a new one in yellow. it is so strong that when the truck sits for a while the alexs break.

thanks for the rating

what did you rate it if you did

I don't rate too often if I don't build the item that's in the ible, if you show me a video I'll rate